Math as a Seconde Language MSL - Máster en Matemáticas como Segunda Lengua

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    60 ECTS
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    Scholarship: Up to 50% Description: We are excited to announce another edition of the Women in Tech Scholarship at Harbour.Space University aimed at empowering women in technology, fostering gender diversity and inclusive learning environment in the tech industry. If you are a dreamer, believer, or change-maker who identifies as a woman and looking to go to university, this might be the place for you!
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Anyone who lacks the strong maths foundation for a career in tech, but is eager to learn has a home in our foundational course. Students acquire all the basic tools they need to apply for any top-rate tech university in the world.

If your maths level is not sufficient, you can first join our intensive, one year preparatory Maths as a Second Language (MSL) course before starting the maths intensive degree studies. After successful completion of MSL students are granted an automatic right to enter all maths intensive degrees at Harbour.Space.


The foundational course gives students all the essential mathematical knowledge in programming, geometry, algebra, calculus and algorithms they need to develop their skills in technology.

Applicants who wish to acquire math skills in order to pursue studies in elite technical universities at an undergraduate or graduate levels are invited to apply to MSL.


Basics of Discrete Mathematics, Numbers and Polynomials
Basic Concepts of Functions; Roots, Degrees, Logarithms
Complex Numbers; Elementary Probability Theory
Basics of Calculus
Basics of Elementary Geometry
Polygons; Measurement of Geometric Quantities
Computer Architecture, Data Representation, Operating Systems
Data Structures and Algorithms
Programming in a High Level Procedural Language (C)
Programming Paradigms

Salidas profesionales

Jobs in the private sector abound:

Finance: Wall Street has become a major employer of maths majors.

Cryptography and Security: One area that is particularly "hot" these days is cryptography - the making and breaking of secret codes. Numerous businesses require cryptography. Banks employ cryptography in order to protect the privacy and integrity of their transactions. Number theory is the branch of pure mathematics which provides the theoretical underpinnings for much of the recent progress in cryptography.

Biotech: Recent breakthroughs in the study of DNA and proteins have generated a great deal of interest in mathematical biology. Many biotech companies hire mathematics majors because of the high (and growing) mathematical content of the field.

Computer and Data Science: The computer industry provides many lucrative jobs for maths majors.

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