• Imparte:
  • Modalidad:
    Presencial en Sant Pol de Mar
  • Precio:
    14.865 €
  • Comienzo:
    Octubre 2019
  • Lugar:
    Carretera Nacional II s/n Km. 664
    Sant Pol de Mar (Barcelona) 08395
  • Duración:
    60 ECTS
  • Idioma:
    El Master se imparte en Inglés
  • Titulación:
    Master in Culinary Arts and Kitchen Management by the University College of Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts Sant Pol de Mar and the Universitat de Girona. For students who are graduated by official college career also obtain the Diploma of Master in Culinary Arts and Kitchen Management from the University of Girona. For students without official university studies obtain the university Diploma of Specialization in Culinary Arts Management.


The Master in Culinary Arts and Kitchen Management is addressed to industry professional and students with previous studies in gastronomy.


The study plan includes theoretical classes, practical classes and master classes given by renowned chefs of the gastronomy.

Module 1: Kitchen Management and Administration. 9 ECTS, 225 hours, 5 weeks

Module 2: Good Practices in Treating Products and Application of Culinary Techniques. 12 ECTS, 290 hours, 12 weeks.

Module 3: Creativity and Innovation in the Kitchen. 8 ECTS, 205 hours, 6 weeks.

Module 4: Cooking for Events. 6,5 ECTS. 165 hours, 4 weeks.

Module 5: Baking and Pastry for Restaurants. 6,5 ECTS, 165 hours, 4 weeks

Master Final Project. 6 ECTS, 150 hours

Final industry internship. 12 ECTS, 300 hours.

Salidas profesionales

Head of kitchen, head of section, kitchen executive manager, gastronomic adviser, events executive manager, R+D manager, etc.

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