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Master International Tax Law LLM - Máster en Derecho Tributario Internacional

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    Presencial en Dorset
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    Unlimited number of Scholarships available for September 2016/January 2017
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    Septiembre 2019
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    Fern Barrow, Poole,
    Dorset (Bournemouth) BH12 5BB
    Reino Unido
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    1 Año
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    El Master se imparte en Inglés
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    International Tax Law LLM
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The course draws on BU’s academic excellence in international taxation and public law and it is both challenging and stimulating.

Your career prospects will be enhanced and future career paths include:

legal profession
government agencies
banking & finance
accounting & professional services
We offer a unique blend of delivery including guest lectures, electronic learning, lectures and seminars.

The taught units can be used as preparation for the Advanced Diploma in International Tax (Paper 1, Principles) whilst the dissertation can be structured so as to be suitable for submission as a thesis in Paper II of ADIT.


A 2:2 UK honours degree (or equivalent), a professional qualification deemed to be equivalent to a degree or appropriate training and/or experience.


The course is aimed at individuals wishing to pursue a career in taxation, whether in compliance, administration or advisory roles.

You will study a wide range of tax and law modules which are not focused solely on UK tax law, so applications from international students are encouraged.


Stage 1
Core units

Principles of International Law, International Organisations and the World Trade Organisation
The aim of the unit is twofold: Firstly it will provide you with a sound grounding in the principles underpinning international law. Secondly, and building upon the knowledge gained on the principles of international law, the unit will examine the World Trade Organisation as a prime example of an international organisation.

Option units* - (choose 2)

Corporate Law: Theory & Practice
You will examine key issues in contemporary corporate law, this will enable you to evaluate corporate law issues from key theoretical and practical perspectives.

International Dispute Resolution
Cross-border and inter-State relations raise complex issues involving the law of more than one country. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) offers an alternative way of resolving disputes other than litigation. This unit will introduce the key concepts, forms and procedures of ADR and discuss its development and merits compared to litigation relating to both international commercial and public international law disputes.

International Cyber Law & Governance
An understanding of the principles of internet law and online policies (addressing principles of human rights law, criminal law, international law and copyright law inter alia) has become indispensable for professionals aiming for a career in the digital economy. This unit will provide you with a thorough grounding and critical appreciation of online policy, regulatory scope for online activities and strategic impact on business decisions.

Stage 2
Option units* - (choose 3)

International Indirect Taxation
Indirect taxation is now one of the most important forms of taxation for most countries, with the exception of the United States, as regards revenue earned for most governments and has a major impact on both domestic and international businesses. Value Added Tax (VAT) in some form has been adopted by nearly every country.

The unit therefore aims to foster an understanding of the nature and importance of indirect taxation both in domestic and international trade.

International Direct Taxation
The globalisation of business means that firms must not only understand the domestic tax systems in the states in which they operate, but also the ways in which those systems interact. Direct taxes at the federal level usually account for between 10 and 30 percent of pre-tax profits and this unit aims to foster an understanding of the international tax system and the principal tax planning techniques open to multinational firms.

Law of International Trade
This unit deals with the core of international commercial law: the legal regulation of international commerce from the perspective of transactions relating to the exportation of goods. This allows for an in-depth exposure to international supply, sale and carriage contracts, to considerations associated with multiple transactions and to techniques for the international harmonisation of substantive law.

Public Finance & Tax Policy
Following the global financial crisis in the late 2000s, public finances have become central in academic, political and populist debate. This unit focuses on the revenue side of public finance with the aim of preparing you to evaluate the quality of the decisions taken by governments on maintaining and reforming their tax systems.

Stage 3
This unit will provide you with the opportunity to conduct research on an area of law associated with the knowledge and skills acquired and developed on your chosen pathway. You will develop critical thinking, evaluate new and existing relevant research and develop your conceptual understanding of law. This unit will promote self-managed learning by completion of a significant piece of work.

Salidas profesionales

Some of our Law Graduates are now undertaking roles such as;

Associate Director
Judges Assistant
Patent Associate
Senior Lawyer
Some of the companies that our Law Graduates are now working for are;

Axis Associates International Co.Ltd
Court of Justice
Spoor & Fisher

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