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Master Intellectual Property - Máster en Propiedad Intelectual

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    Presencial en Dorset
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    Enero 2022
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    Fern Barrow, Poole,
    Dorset (Bournemouth) BH12 5BB
    Reino Unido
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    1 Año
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    El Master se imparte en Inglés
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    Intellectual Property LLM


This course has been developed in collaboration with the Joint Examination Board of The Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys (CIPA) and The Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys (ITMA).

The LLM in Intellectual Property can be achieved through a year-long programme that has been developed for both UK and international students. This course is linked to the LLM International Commercial Law with which it shares several units.

The course is taught by academics of the renowned Centre for Intellectual Property Policy & Management, and enjoys a significant input from Intellectual Property practitioners from some of the UK’s leading companies and practices.


A UK honours degree (or equivalent), a professional qualification deemed to be equivalent to a degree or appropriate training and/or experience.


Stage 1
Core units

Principles of International Law, International Organisations and the World Trade Organisation
The aim of the unit is twofold: Firstly it will provide you with a sound grounding in the principles underpinning international law. Secondly, and building upon the knowledge gained on the principles of international law, the unit will examine the World Trade Organisation as a prime example of an international organisation.

Option units* - (choose 2)

Corporate Law: Theory & Practice
You will examine key issues in contemporary corporate law, this will enable you to evaluate corporate law issues from key theoretical and practical perspectives.

International Dispute Resolution
Cross-border and inter-State relations raise complex issues involving the law of more than one country. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) offers an alternative way of resolving disputes other than litigation. This unit will introduce the key concepts, forms and procedures of ADR and discuss its development and merits compared to litigation relating to both international commercial and public international law disputes.

International Cyber Law & Governance
An understanding of the principles of internet law and online policies (addressing principles of human rights law, criminal law, international law and copyright law inter alia) has become indispensable for professionals aiming for a career in the digital economy. This unit will provide you with a thorough grounding and critical appreciation of online policy, regulatory scope for online activities and strategic impact on business decisions.

Stage 2
Option units* - (choose 3)

Patents & Designs
This unit will enable you to understand the legal regimes governing Patents and Designs. It will continue to update your knowledge of the law and apply legislation and judicial decisions to situations that may arise in the workplace. You will learn to use knowledge of prevailing Patents and Designs law to maximum advantage.

Copyright & Trade Marks
This unit will enable you to achieve a systematic understanding of the legal regimes governing Copyright and Trade Marks. It will continue to update your knowledge of relevant UK, European and International law and it will also enable you to independently apply legislation and judicial decisions to novel situations that may arise in a commercial context.

International Intellectual Property Practice (Patent Attorney Route) and International Intellectual Property Practice (Trade Mark Attorney Route)
These two units share a common syllabus, focussing on national and international procedure in respect of securing and defending patent and trade mark rights. The patent route will have an additional taught component on patent drafting. The trade mark route includes an additional focus on competition related provisions. Both units are taught by leading practitioners.

International Intellectual Property Rights
Intellectual property rights (IPR) are implicated in most aspects of international commerce. For example: patent laws affect technology transfer, trade mark laws affect branding, design laws affect product development and copyright laws affect all entertainment goods. Through the integration of intellectual property standards into the WTO framework with the 1994 TRIPS Agreement, intellectual property laws have been substantially and controversially harmonised. This unit evaluates the consequences of the globalisation of intellectual property laws.

Stage 3
This unit will provide you with the opportunity to conduct research on an area of law associated with the knowledge and skills acquired and developed on your chosen pathway. You will develop critical thinking, evaluate new and existing relevant research and develop your conceptual understanding of law. This unit will promote self-managed learning by completion of a significant piece of work.

Salidas profesionales

Opportunities such as a 12-month paid traineeship European Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) or the European Patent Office (EPO) make this course a great option to prepare you for a legal career.

Graduates from the course have gone on to work for the likes of Axis Associates International Co. Ltd, the Court of Justice, Spoor & Fisher, and UPTX among many others.

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