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This is a unique opportunity to become part of an intensive program which joins two of the most prestigious law institutions in Spain and the United States, such as ISDE and Columbia Law School, with professionals from the most prestigious and well known law firms.

It will take place at Columbia University and will consist of a training week in American and Comparative Law next January, together with visits to law institutions and law firms in the City of New York. It is aimed at law students and lawyers who want to develop their career in an international law framework.

ISDE is an institution born in Spain and focused on training top level law professionals. To achieve this goal it brings together outstanding specialists from different universities, institutions, and law firms to give the students the best possible education and training. The excellent results obtained have been recognized by its inclusion in prestigious national and international rankings.

Columbia University, a member of the Ivy League is one of the oldest and most prestigious Universities in the United States and the world. Its name is synonymous with academic excellence as it is recognized in the most important rankings.


The students of this Program will receive the following services:

- Flights and Accommodation

- Breakfast 8:30 AM in Columbia, catering for 5 days

- Graduation ceremony and cocktail the last day of classes receiving a certificate of attendance

Morning classes will take place at Columbia University School of Law from 9:00 to 12:30, from Monday to Friday with some of the most prominent lawyers during the whole week.

Columbia University

William and June Warren Hall (1125 Amsterdam Ave.) 115 street /Amsterdam Ave Classroom WJL 104

Classes Schedule *Please, note that this schedule is subject to the changes that ISDE considers necessary for the academic excellence of the Program.


Day 1: Introduction to American Law (I) The common law tradition, the American legal system, federal and state law, the structure of the court systems, etc.


Day 2: Introduction to American Law (II) Continuing introduction with a focus on the history of commerce regulation in the United States and the evolution of corporate laws on the state level (with the special prominence of Delaware law) and securities laws on the federal level.


Day 3: Corporate Law The basic principles of American Corporate Law (such as the different corporate duties and the business judgment rule) as well as the key cases concerning business takeovers, poison pills, etc.


Day 4: Securities Law The history of national securities laws from the Wall Street crash of 1929 to the latest regulatory changes as a result of the scandals of 2001 (such as Enron and WorldCom) and the ongoing financial crisis; overview of the key regulations and regulators for security issuance and trading.


Day 5: Securities Law and Legal Practice Legal liability for security issuance and trading, including liability under the Securities Act, the Securities Exchange Act, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, and the Dodd-Frank Act; Insider trading and rules of professional responsibility.

Afternoon classes (2pm to 4pm) at law firms:



Martin Domb


Fernando Rodriguez-Marin


ARPS Kate Porter


GRADUATION CEREMONY at Case Lounge on the 7th floor (116th street/Amsterdam Ave) *In order to obtain your certificate at the Graduation Ceremony, you must attend all classes and be punctual. Please, do not interrupt a class when it has started, you must wait until the next break.

*The students shall bring a photo ID with them for those visits that take place in Law Firms (for security reasons) and should be at the law firm reception area 10-15 minutes before the class begins in order to process their entrance into the building.


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