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Título Oficial Máster Universitario en Dirección de Empresas MBA - Inglés

Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia - UCAM
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    Título Oficial Máster Universitario en Dirección de Empresas MBA - Inglés.


For graduates with previous experience in this area, the MBA will be an opportunity to refresh their knowledge and add new perspectives to their focus based on the objectives and values which the program reflects. The campus’ top class infrastructure, its labs, and studios allied with the practical subjects will get students ready to put the acquired knowledge into action. Students have to complete an internship in a public or private institution where they will receive a taste of their future field of expertise.


UCAM’s Full-Time MBA was particularly designed for people with a desire to advance their careers in the area of business and decision-making. Core target of this Master’s Program are international and Spanish university graduates from a variety of academic backgrounds such as law, communication, engineering, arts, health, nutrition, retail or physical activity, striving to gain advanced knowledge in the field of business administration, assessment and consulting.



Socioeconomic and legal environment
Accounting and finances
Commercial management marketing, Human resources management and business organization, Business strategy, Financial management and business organization, Marketing strategies, Work placement, End of master project.

Salidas profesionales

After having successfully completed this MBA program, students are qualified to: Set up their own business as an entrepreneur. Take over their family’s business. Work in national, regional or local public administration as well as international organizations. Start/resume their careers in the private sector e.g. in the area of production, human resources, administration, finance and accounting or marketing. Direct teams in emerging fields e.g. in digital economy, development of logistics, quality, management of SMEs, internationalization of companies, international management, tourism management, construction management, services and industry branches. Research and educate.


Mastering and integrating the required management tools and methods for the development of your professional activity.
Solving economic and business problems by applying concepts, properties, norms, techniques and adapted methods to the corresponding functional area.
Knowing the regulations issued by the regulatory bodies, notably the GAP, and to explain the accounting information for decision-making.
Generating and defending with the necessary relevant means, reliable and structured
accounting and financial information for decision-making.


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