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Teaching Graduate Certificate - Certificado de Postgrado en Enseñanza

University of New South Wales, Australia
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    Presencial en New South Wales
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    UNSW Australia International Centre, East Wing, Red Centre Building
    New South Wales 2052
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    1 Año
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    El Master se imparte en Inglés
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    Teaching Graduate Certificate


The Graduate Certificate in Teaching is designed to enable qualified practising secondary teachers to update and/or add an additional teaching area to their formal preservice teacher qualifications.

The teaching areas include: Aboriginal Studies; Business Studies; Dance, Drama; Economics; English; English as an Additional Language/Dialect; Geography; Graphics and Multimedia; History; Languages (Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Indonesian, Korean and Spanish); Legal Studies; Mathematics; Music; Society and Culture; and Visual Arts.


completion of a recognized bachelor degree 
meet English requirements.
* Some programs have additional entry requirements, please contact UNSW for this information.


At the end of this program students should be able to:
demonstrate a commitment to the education profession and an ability to reflect on and improve their own practice;
demonstrate in–depth knowledge and skills in their specialist curriculum area(s) and the pedagogical implications;
apply this knowledge and skill to teaching a range of secondary–age learners in their own context.


The Graduate Certificate in Teaching consists of four courses (24UOC): three core courses from the Graduate Certificate in Teaching program and one elective course from the Master of Education. The three core courses must include EDST5442 and two specific method courses from one teaching area:
Core Courses
EDST5442 Advanced Professional Practice (6 UOC)
EDST6717 Aboriginal Studies Method 1 (6 UOC)
EDST6747 Aboriginal Studies Method 2 (6 UOC)
EDST6715 Business Studies Method 1 (6 UOC)
EDST6745 Business Studies Method 2 (6 UOC)
EDST6700 Chinese Method 1 (6 UOC)
EDST6730 Chinese Method 2 (6 UOC)
EDST6720 Dance Method 1 (6 UOC)
EDST6750 Dance Method 2 (6 UOC)
EDST6701 Drama Method 1 (6 UOC)
EDST6731 Drama Method 2 (6 UOC)
EDST6716 Economics Method 1 (6 UOC)
EDST6746 Economics Method 2 (6 UOC)
EDST6702 English Method 1 (6 UOC)
EDST6732 English Method 2 (6 UOC)
EDST6704 EAL/D Method 1 (6 UOC)
EDST6734 EAL/D Method 2 (6 UOC)
EDST6705 French Method 1 (6 UOC)
EDST6735 French Method 2 (6 UOC)
EDST6706 Geography Method 1 (6 UOC)
EDST6736 Geography Method 2 (6 UOC)
EDST6707 German Method 1 (6 UOC)
EDST6737 German Method 2 (6 UOC)
EDST6771 Graphics & Multimedia Method 1 (6 UOC)
EDST6772 Graphics & Multimedia Method 2 (6 UOC)
EDST6708 History Method 1 (6 UOC)
EDST6738 History Method 2 (6 UOC)
EDST6710 Indonesian Method 1 (6 UOC)
EDST6740 Indonesian Method 2 (6 UOC)
EDST6711 Japanese Method 1 (6 UOC)
EDST6741 Japanese Method 2 (6 UOC)
EDST6718 Korean Method 1 (6 UOC)
EDST6748 Korean Method 2 (6 UOC)
EDST6719 Legal Studies Method 1 (6 UOC)
EDST6749 Legal Studies Method 2 (6 UOC)
EDST6725 Mathematics Method 1 (6 UOC)
EDST6755 Mathematics Method 2 (6 UOC)
EDST6727 Music Method 1 (6 UOC)
EDST6757 Music Method 2 (6 UOC)
EDST6722 Society and Culture Method 1 (6 UOC)
EDST6752 Society and Culture Method 2 (6 UOC)
EDST6714 Spanish Method 1 (6 UOC)
EDST6744 Spanish Method 2 (6 UOC)
EDST6775 Visual Arts Method 1 (6 UOC)
EDST6776 Visual Arts Method 2 (6 UOC)
Elective Courses
Any one elective course (6 UOC) from those courses offered each year in the Master of Education program, or, subject to approval by the Program Convenor, from other relevant Master’s level programs in the Faculty or University.

Academic Writing (6 UOC)
This course can be taken as an additional course for students wishing to develop their academic writing skills. It will not count towards the program requirements. Click here for further details about the course.

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