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Private Master’s Degree in Sports Marketing and eSports Management

Universidad Europea - UE
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    60 ECTS
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    Private Master’s Degree in Sports Marketing and eSports Management


Specialise in sports marketing at Real Madrid Graduate School. You will become familiar with how to apply marketing strategies that need an in-depth understanding of the right content and tools to achieve your objectives in the sports sector.

This master provides you with a sports marketing specialisation that allows you to build a very specific profile within the field of marketing and communication in the sports industry.


The Masters is ameined for students coming from different areas as business administration, sport management, marketing, communication, advertising, sport science or related.


The program will explore, with a modern, hands-on and innovative approach, the different sport marketing contents and tools. You will enhance your skills and competences to achieve a more attractive and competitive profile through a practical and project-based approach during the whole master.
"Enhance your professional profile in the marketing area by increasing your knowledge of the latest contents, tools and strategies. These include:
Digital Marketing. Fan Engagement. Digital Transformation. Artificial intelligence applied to sports: big data and business intelligence."
You’ll learn about this new and growing sector that provides many opportunities both internal (gaming companies) and external (brands using Esports).
The Esports industry is increasing in importance worldwide in an exponential way providing excellent career opportunities can be addressed both ways:
As a great industry that generates revenues and employment itself.
As a great connection for sport institutions and brands to achieve marketing objectives and attract and engage younger audiences.


Module 1: Introduction to sports marketing (6 ECTS)

Module 2: Market research and data intelligence applied to sports (6 ECTS)

Module 3: Digital Marketing and Digital Transformation for sports (6 ECTS)

Module 4: Marketingand Communication Strategies for sports (6 ECTS)

Module 5: Sponsorship Management (6 ECTS)

Module 6: Sports events organisation (6 ECTS)

Module 7: Esports Management (6 ECTS)

Module 8: The future of sports (6 ECTS)

Module 9: Impacting sports tchnologies in marketing (6 ECTS)

Module 10: Marketing Plan (6 ECTS)

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