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Post Graduate Program Advanced Television and Film - Script to Screen. Posgrado en Cine y Televisión: Del guión a la pantalla

Centennial College - Toronto
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    Advanced Television and Film - Script to Screen


The Advanced Television and Film – Script to Screen program at Centennial College offers a comprehensive, in-depth and hands-on understanding of what goes into developing and producing quality feature films and TV shows.

This multidisciplinary, two-semester post-graduate advanced television and film program — facilitated by the School of Communications, Media, Arts and Design in the hub of Toronto´s film and television district — is especially beneficial for writers, directors, producers, editors, actors and other film and television craftspeople who want to expand their knowledge of the industry.

The major focus of the program´s first semester is on creating, pitching, outlining, developing, drafting and polishing production-ready short film scripts. During the second semester, you have the opportunity to prepare, perform in, shoot and/or post a number of these productions.

Additionally, the Advanced Television and Film – Script to Screen program sees you deconstructing classic films, television shows and scripts of all genres. The program also provides opportunities to receive advanced instruction from industry professionals in your major and minor areas of craft interest, along with extensive employment information.


Academic Requirements:
College diploma or university degree in any discipline
We will consider applicants with partial post-secondary education (minimum two years / 8 credits and in good academic standing) and relevant work experience

Additional Requirements:
Attend a mandatory program admission session where applicants will submit:

A current resumé and a letter of intent that will be used as a basis of discussion on program expectations
A portfolio of work. One of:
a film produced or directed by the applicant
an on-camera audition
a writing sample, preferably a script
Note: After applying, applicants will receive a letter advising how to book the program admission session.


Start Date:Fall

Semester 1
Screenwriting 1 (Short Film Development)
Directing 1
Production 1
Post-Production 1
Camera, Lighting and Sound

Semester 2
Short Film Rehearsal and Pre-Production
Short Film Production
Short Film Post-Production
Academic Option
Screenwriting 2
Directing 2
Production 2
Post-Production 2

Salidas profesionales

Assistant director
Trainee assistant director
Personal assistant to the director
Camera operator
Assistant camera operator
Lighting and grip department technician
Lighting or grip assistant
Dolly grip
Audio technician
Assistant audio technician
Associate producer
Production manager
Production coordinator
Assistant production coordinator
Production assistant
Location coordinator or assistant
Office assistant
Personal assistant to the producer
Script coordinator/story department coordinator
Trainee/junior story editor/story researcher
Personal assistant to the showrunner
Script reader
Assistant editor
Sound editor
Assistant sound editor
Personal assistant to the series lead/star

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