Structuralia Formación Especializada

Master´s degree in road Construction, Maintenance and Operation - Construcción, Mantenimiento y Explotación de Carreteras

Structuralia Formación Especializada
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Nowadays, roads are the main means of land transport, both for goods and people. As a matter of fact, the construction of new roads, and the maintenance of existing ones, have become a global demand, which has led to the increasing need for professionals with training and knowledge for the construction, maintenance, and operation of roads, considering that the service levels for mobility infrastructure is increasingly demanding.


This program will provide the student with a practical understanding of road construction and operation.


1. Excavation, blasting and earthworks
2. Drainage in linear works
3. Civil engineering structural calculation
4. Quality control in project design and implementation
5. Road surfaces, pavements, and bituminous mixes. Basic concepts
6. Road maintenance. Basic concepts
7. Road safety. Road operations
8. Maintenance of road elements (I)
9. Maintenance of road elements (II)
10. TFM. Master´s degree in road Construction, Maintenance and Exploitation

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