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Master´s Degree in High Performance: Strength and Conditioning

Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia - UCAM
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    Semipresencial en Guadalupe de Maciascoque
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    5.900 €
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    Campus de los Jerónimos, s/n
    Guadalupe de Maciascoque (Murcia) 30107
  • Duración:
    60 ECTS
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    El Curso se imparte en Español e Inglés
  • Titulación:
    Master´s Degree in High Performance: Strength and Conditioning
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    His Master’s program is the first in Spain to be recognized by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). The curriculum is specially-designed to impart not only the theoretical and practical applications but also the methodological foundations necessary for independent research, allowing students to address the most controversial lines in Sports Science. Our teaching faculty is uniquely comprised of UCAM professors, as well as national and international experts in their respective fields. Students will receive a deeper understanding of the different areas in sport performance and conditioning and acquire the necessary training for proper performance in their professional and/or research careers in the field of High Performance Sport. The constant evolution and growing interest in Physical Activity and Sport Science makes this area of multidisciplinary expertise a high-demanding subject and of professional interest.


    To be considered into the Master’s Degree program, students must have:
    a Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent at the University level
    a background in physical education and/or health sciences
    an interest in sport performance in the area of strength and conditioning


    I. Research Methodology ()
    II. Scientific Principles of Strength and Conditioning
    III. Exercise Physiology
    IV. Biomechanics and Movement Analysis
    V. Program Design as related to Strength and Conditioning
    VI. Sport Nutrition and Ergogenic Aids
    VII. Strength Training and Conditioning in the Elderly
    VIII. Applied Statistical Techniques in Strength and Conditioning
    IX. Practicum
    X. Master´s Thesis

    Salidas profesionales

    Students who successfully complete the Master’s program in High Performance Sport: Strength and Conditioning will be able to perform duties and tasks such as:

    Apply statistical techniques needed to conduct a proper analysis in each of the research methodologies in the area of performance and conditioning
    Identify aspects that characterize the qualitative and quantitative designs applied to research in sports science
    Analyze the consistency and adequacy of the quality criteria used in the evaluation of sports performance and conditioning
    Apply the physiological, biomechanical, behavioral and social principles to the research object
    Identify the risks associated to the health of athletes and inadequate physical activities in the context of sports training and fitness
    Design preventative and promotional programs for the practice of physical activity in c

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