Structuralia Formación Especializada

Master’s degree in artificial intelligence, model management and implementation

Structuralia Formación Especializada
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    Universidad Isabel I Master´s Degree


This Master’s degree has been conceived to respond to the growing need for knowledge and skills in the development of AI models and algorithms demanded by today’s technology-driven market.

As a matter of fact, many specialized staffing companies point to AI as one of the knowledge assets that will be the most demanded in the coming years, considering that the AI sector is expected to have a global business volume of 16 trillion dollars by 2030.

This program has been designed to benefit all professional profiles, with an Introduction to AI basics that does not require extensive prior knowledge of programming and statistics. It has been structured in two large sections: first, a technical section which explores the main Machine Learning and Deep Learning models and algorithms, and the second section addresses its business applications and implications.

Upon completion of the program, the students will have the necessary skills to manage and promote AI projects.


MODULE I Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Unit 1: Introduction to AI
Unit 2: Brief History of AI: From Myth to Reality
Unit 3: Key Concepts, Agents, and Knowledge Representation
Unit 4: Problem Solving: Automated Reasoning and Search
Unit 5: Automated Learning: Supervised, Unsupervised, Reinforcement Learning I
Unit 6: Automated Learning: Supervised, Unsupervised, Reinforcement Learning II
Unit 7: Big Data: Learning with Million Data
Unit 8: Human-Machine Interaction: Artificial Vision and Natural Language Processing
Unit 9: The Future of AI: Ethical Issues and Diversity

MODULE II Self-service Excel, Talend and Trifacta Data

Unit 1: Data preparation
Unit 2: Excel
Unit 3: Talend Data Preparation
Unit 4: Trifacta Wrangler

MODULO III Data Mining, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Unit 1: Supervised Learning (I)
Unit 2: Supervised Learning (II)
Unit 3: Unsupervised Learning
Unit 4: Deep Learning

MODULE IV Advanced Deep Learning

Unit 1: Supervised Deep Learning (I)
Unit 2: Supervised Deep Learning (II)
Unit 3: Unsupervised Deep Learning (I)
Unit 4: Unsupervised Deep Learning (II)

MODULE V Data Visualization Tools

Unit 1: Working with Data in BI Desktop
Unit 2: DAX in Power BI Desktop
Unit 3: Advanced Power BI Reporting
Unit 4: Interactions with other tools in Microsoft Ecosystem

MODULE VI Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Data Science Practical Applications

Unit 1: Machine Learning
Unit 2: Deep Learning
Unit 3: Data Science
Unit 4: Case study application

MODULE VII Technology Ecosystems

Unit 1: Introduction to Technology Ecosystems
Unit 2: Enabling Technologies I
Unit 3: Enabling Technologies II
Unit 4: Enabling Technologies III

MODULE VIII Ideation Methodologies and Techniques and AI Project Management

Unit 1. Introduction
Unit 2. Design Thinking
Unit 3. Lean start-up and Scrum
Unit 4. Application to AI projects

MODULE IX The Impact of AI on Business

Unit 1: Unit 1. AI applied to different sectors
Unit 2. AI applied to different business areas
Unit 3. AI and entrepreneurship
Unit 4. Ethics. Business and society

MODULE X Master’s Final Project (MFP)

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