Structuralia Formación Especializada

Master´s Degree in Agile Methodologies and Project Management - Metodologías Agile y Gestión de Proyectos

Structuralia Formación Especializada
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    Universidad Isabel I Master´s Degree


This master’s degree is intended to provide the necessary knowledge about project management, regardless of the project’s size, from both the traditional and the agile perspectives, of which the latter is the “de facto” approach in the context of digital transformation. This program will explain the differences between the traditional and the agile approach, as well as their response mechanisms in highly uncertain and changing contexts.

Furthermore, aspects such as the project management cycle, the most widely used agile methodologies (e.g., Design thinking), the importance of data, and their influence in project management will be addressed. This master’s degree aims to equip students with a set of practices, techniques, and tools, along with examples and advice as to how to apply the acquired knowledge in day-to-day project, change and people management.


1. Project Management and Control
2. Advanced project management
3. Finance Project management
4. Quality management. Quality Assurance
5. Why agile? Agile vs classic approach. Agile methodologies
6. Launch and global planning of agile projects
7. Iterative and Incremental Execution and Delivery
8. Design thinking (Inglés)
9. Agile approach and Digital Transformation
10. TFM. Master´s degree in Agile Methodologies and Project Management

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