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Master of Urban and Regional Planning (Curtin OUA Postgraduate) - Máster en Planificación Urbanística y Regional

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    Master of Urban and Regional Planning
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    Qualifications in Urban and Regional Planning are in increasing demand as a range of related professionals in real estate, local government and business seek to develop an understanding of planning issues. A shortage of trained planners has been felt at all levels of government and notably in regional Australia.

    The Master of Urban and Regional Planning is designed for people with first degrees in disciplines other than planning to develop the skills and knowledge required to become a planning professional. It examines the theoretical foundations of planning and relevant legislative and bureaucratic frameworks. It also develops practical skills suitable for planning practitioners in government agencies or the private sector. The course teaches research skills and develops students’ critical and analytical capacity through undertaking a major piece of original planning research. Participation in projects addressing current planning issues and engagement with planning professionals prepares graduates for professional life.


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    Planning Law
    Regional Planning
    Development Processes
    Planning Theory
    Introduction to Urban and Regional Planning
    Local Planning
    Integrated Plan Making
    Planning Dissertation Preparation
    Planning Dissertation

    Salidas profesionales

    There is a shortage of planners in Australia due to economic conditions and availability of resources in both the public and private sectors. Local government in particular is suffering from a lack of professionally trained planners. Professional bodies including the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) are encouraging courses leading to the supply of qualified planners and the Federal Government has in recent times been promoting the migration of planners from other parts of the world to address the shortfall. Delays in the development industry are being blamed in part on the shortage of qualified planning staff.

    The list of career opportunities includes (but is not limited to):

    Local government planner
    State government planner
    Private planning consultant
    Researcher or Academic
    Development company
    Regional development authority
    Housing or transport agency
    Environmental authority
    Commonwealth Agency


    disseminate and apply the principles, theories and concepts of urban and regional planning and draw upon appropriate knowledge of social, economic and environmental factors within a governance framework to practise planning, particularly in the Western Australian context
    think critically at the highest order to analyse and challenge theories and practices of urban and regional planning, and generate creative solutions to planning issues
    critically access, evaluate and synthesise information in order to undertake research relevant to urban and regional planning
    communicate effectively at a high order which is both innovative and ground-breaking in writing, graphically and orally with various audiences (academic, professional and community)
    use appropriate technologies to practice urban and regional planning
    use learned skills to continue self development and influence others in continued learning in the profession
    have a high level of awareness and skills to understand and respond to cultural diversity and difference in national and international perspectives
    work ethically as individuals and in teams demonstrating skills in leadership negotiation and conflict resolution, recognising and valuing the contribution of other disciplines and interests.


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