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    Presencial en Pamplona
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    C/ Pio XII, 36
    Pamplona (Navarra / Nafarroa) 31080
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    El Master se imparte en Español
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    Master en Ciencias de la Dirección


IESE’s Master of Research in Management is designed to give our students the most complete training to excel in the academic profession. Our objective is to give a rigorous but engaging education experience to address the most demanding management questions of today. We expect our students to join leading academic institutions and become internationally recognized experts in their field.

Our program is built around each and every one of our students. Students work closely with professors to learn how to design, execute, and communicate research. We are proud to have one of the best management faculties in Europe, to whom students have access throughout the program.

The program is taught in English. The bulk of the program’s 2-year duration is spent acquiring the skills needed for performing top quality research. This includes an in-depth focus on the disciplines that will underlie students’ future research. Over the course of the intensive 2-year program students are guided along a steep learning curve, at the end of which they sit a final comprehensive examination to obtain their Mast


To develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to conduct world-class research on the most relevant issues in the field of management. Particular emphasis is placed on identifying and solving business problems, often in the face of uncertainty and incomplete information, and involving the management of people in organizational settings.

To provide a deep grounding in the key disciplines and analytical tools (mathematics, statistics, economics) necessary to move from "mere" problem-solving to the elaboration of general principles of wide applicability to business situations.

To establish the philosophical, ethical and human principles that lead to a deeper understanding of the human person in an organizational context, and to ensure that authentic human values are at the core of key business decisions.


The Master of Research in Management is a full-time program lasting two years. It starts in the September of any given academic year.

The program has two tracks. Track one focuses on the sociology of organizations, while track two emphasizes the economic perspective of business issues.

Track 1: Social and Behavioral Sciences
This track is aimed mainly at students who seek to build a career in strategy, organizational behavior, entrepreneurship, or business ethics, but still open to students with other interests. Students from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds (e.g. economics or sociology) are welcome to apply. During their studies at IESE, they will be given the opportunity to focus on their core area of interests, while receiving broad-based training on both quantitative as well as qualitative research methods. The track has a strong general management orientation, and students graduating from it are expected to publish in top management outlets such as the Academy of Management Journal, Administrative Science Quarterly, Management Science, Organization Science, Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, or Strategic Management Journal, amongst others.

Track 2: Management Sciences
This track is aimed mainly at students who are seek to build a career in accounting, finance, marketing, decision science, managerial economics or operations, but still open to students with other interests. This track has a more quantitative orientation, attracting students who feel comfortable with quantitative analyses, and offering them strong training, for example, in analytical modeling and empirical analysis. Students graduating from this track are expected to publish in top disciplinary outlets such as the Journal of Finance, the Journal of Financial Economics, Marketing Science, Journal of Marketing, Management Science, or MIS Quarterly, amongst others.

During the first two years, students take a range of required courses, advanced and specialized courses and seminars, followed by a field examination and the development of an empirical research paper.

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