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Master Statistics - Máster en Estadística

University of New South Wales, Australia
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    Master Statistics


The Master of Statistics program is the longest running program of its kind in Australia. It covers a wide range of statistical theory and practice and provides advanced training for those who are currently, or are aiming to become, practicing statisticians. In addition, the program will provide a means of obtaining the necessary preparation for further research in Statistics.


Completion of a recognized bachelor degree
Meet English requirements.
* Some programs have additional entry requirements, please contact UNSW for this information.


Graduates will have acquired advanced disciplinary knowledge and skills in statistics, and an ability to apply these in a range of contexts
Graduates will have developed an understanding of enquiry-based learning and demonstrate analytical skills as they relate to statistics
Graduates will have developed advanced critical thinking and problem solving skills
Graduates will be able to communicate effectively to a range of audiences in both written and oral forms, and be capable of independent and collaborative enquiry and working effectively with others


The program consists of 72 units of credit (UOC) comprised of 12 UOC of compulsory core coursework subjects, 48 UOC of electives chosen from the School of Mathsematics and Statistics, and a supervised research project worth 12 UOC.
Core Courses (12 UOC)
The core set of compulsory courses listed below is designed to give students a deep knowledge of the fundamentals of statistics.

Students must complete both of these courses:
MATH5835 Stochastic Processes (6 UOC)
MATH5905 Statistical Inference (6 UOC)
Elective Courses (48 UOC)
Students must choose 48 UOC from a list of elective graduate level courses from the School of Mathematics and Statistics (see list below).

Students may take up to 18 UOC from outside the School of Mathematics and Statistics provided that the courses are at a postgraduate level and approved by the Postgraduate Coursework Coordinator.
Project Course (12 UOC)
The 12 UOC project course is compulsory for all students. Students typically enrol into it in their third semester of study, and enrolment is subject to academic performance.
MATH5925 Project (12 UOC)
Students should seek guidance from the School of Mathematics and Statistics at an early stage of study to ensure that the study plan being followed is best suited to lead to the project.
Mathematics and Statistics Postgraduate Courses
MATH5165 Optimization (6 UOC)
MATH5175 Special Topics (Appl Maths) A (6 UOC)
MATH5185 Special Topics (Appl Maths) B (6 UOC)
MATH5285 Fluids, Oceans and Climate (6 UOC)
MATH5295 Special Topics (Appl Maths) D (6 UOC)
MATH5305 Computational Mathematics (6 UOC)
MATH5335 Comput´l Methods for Finance (6 UOC)
MATH5425 Graph Theory (6 UOC)
MATH5505 Computational Combinatorics (6 UOC)
MATH5515 Special Topics (Pure Maths) A (6 UOC)
MATH5525 Special Topics (Pure Maths) B (6 UOC)
MATH5535 Special Topics (Pure Maths) C (6 UOC)
MATH5605 Functional Analysis (6 UOC)
MATH5615 Banach and Operator Algebras (6 UOC)
MATH5645 Number Theory (6 UOC)
MATH5665 Algebraic Topology (6 UOC)
MATH5685 Complex Analysis (6 UOC)
MATH5705 Analysis (6 UOC)
MATH5715 Harmonic Analysis (6 UOC)
MATH5725 Galois Theory (6 UOC)
MATH5735 Modules of Represent´n Theory (6 UOC)
MATH5785 Geometry (6 UOC)
MATH5805 Special Topics in Statistics (6 UOC)
MATH5806 Applied Regression Analysis (6 UOC)
MATH5816 Continuous Time Fin´l Model´g (6 UOC)
MATH5825 Measure, Integ & Probability (6 UOC)
MATH5826 Stat Methods in Epidemiology (6 UOC)
MATH5835 Stochastic Processes (6 UOC)
MATH5836 Data Mining (6 UOC)
MATH5845 Time Series (6 UOC)
MATH5846 Intro to Prob and Stoch Proc (6 UOC)
MATH5855 Multivariate Analysis (6 UOC)
MATH5856 Intro to Stats and Stat Comput (6 UOC)
MATH5885 Longitudinal Data Analysis (6 UOC)
MATH5895 Nonparametric Statistics (6 UOC)
MATH5905 Statistical Inference (6 UOC)
MATH5906 Clinical Trials (6 UOC)
MATH5916 Survival Analysis (6 UOC)
MATH5945 Categorical Data Analysis (6 UOC)
MATH5960 Bayesian Inference & Comput´n (6 UOC)
MATH5965 Discrete Time Fin´l Modelling (6 UOC)
MATH5975 Intro to Stochastic Analysis (6 UOC)

Note: not all of these courses are offered every semester. Please refer to the School of Mathematics and Statistics Course List) for a list of courses available in a particular semester.

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