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    Presencial en Victoria
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    Victoria (Melbourne) 3010
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    2 Años
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    El Master se imparte en Inglés
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    Master of Speech Pathology (MC-SPCHPTH)


The Master of Speech Pathology course is designed to provide comprehensive training in all aspects of speech pathology and to produce graduates who are ready to enter the profession. The first year of the course provides the scientific background in anatomy and physiology, articulatory and acoustic phonetics, linguistics, speech and language disorders, clinical practice and processes. The second year builds on the specialised knowledge acquired in first year, develops clinical skills and introduces students to research methods in the field. The course consists of formal lectures, seminars, practical work and student presentations along with a substantial clinical component. Students will be scheduled for approximately 400 hours of supervised clinical work at various health-care and educational facilities in metropolitan and rural areas in Victoria. The clinical work will occur throughout the semesters alongside the lectures as well as block placements during the semester breaks


Applicants for the course must have a Bachelor of Science; Bachelor of Biomedicine; or a relevant undergraduate degree, such as linguistics, teaching, psychology etc. Successful applicants will be required to undergo a Police Check and a Working with Children Check.


Year One
POPH90233 Determinants of Good HealthThis subject introduces the concept of ‘health´ and factors that determine health outcomes. Topics to be covered are as follows: defining health, population health, measuring health outcomes within adult and child...
ANAT90011 Anatomy and PhysiologyThis subject provides lectures in human structure and function for communication. An introduction to the auditory, respiratory, laryngeal and swallowing systems is provided, in addition to basic neuroanatomy. Students attend three laboratory...
AUDI90026 Articulatory and Acoustic PhoneticsThis subject introduces the study of speech sounds and their perception. The course provides an introduction to the International Phonetic Alphabet, and illustrates its uses as a transcription tool. The course will cover both broad and narrow...
LING90027 Linguistics For Speech PathologistsThis unit introduces students to the discipline of Linguistics. The course will introduce the domains of morphology, syntax, discourse analysis, semantics and psycholinguistics.
AUDI90027 Clinical Processes AThe Clinical Processes A subject introduces skills for effective and accurate communication, and provides an introduction to the psychological and emotional aspects of clinical practice. This subject coversprofessionalism, ethics, history taking,...
AUDI90025 Communication Across the LifespanThis subject will provide an overview of the multiple determinants of communication skill development across the lifespan. The many facets of communication will be addressed including; what is communication, how do we communicate, what...
AUDI90031 Speech Disorders Across the LifespanIn this unit, speech production development and speech production disorders from infancy through childhood to adolescence and adulthood will be presented. In relation to disorder, Developmental, Syndromic/Genetic Neurodegenerative/Movement and...
AUDI90030 Language Disorders Across the LifespanIn this unit, language disorders from infancy through childhood to adolescence and adulthood will be presented. Both developmental and acquired disorders will be the focus of study. Traditional and current approaches to the investigation of...
AUDI90028 Swallowing and VoiceThis unit adopts a socio-cultural framework, to explore the physiology, assessment, diagnosis and management of voice and swallowing problems acrossthe lifespan. Across the lifespan individuals may experience problems with ingesting food and...
AUDI90032 Speech Pathology Practice 1This subject introduces students to the speech pathology clinical setting including the management of patient presenting for diagnosis and/or treatment. The clinical settings may include hospitals, community clinics, schools, private practices,...
AUDI90029 Clinical Processes BThe Clinical Processes B subject continues from knowledge and skills gained in Clinical Processes A, from Semester 1. The student will develop their clinical communication skills (listening skills, empathy, informational and affective...

Year Two
AUDI90034 Planning and Integrating InterventionThis subject will discuss the rationale for different approaches to intervention in relation to evidence based practice. Goal setting and defining therapy outcomes will be discussed. In addition the evidence base for key ingredients such as dose...
AUDI90035 Speech and Language Disorders - AdvancedThis unit will focus on advanced issues in the diagnosis of speech, language and swallowing disorders from childhood to adulthood. There will be an emphasis on presenting and supporting students to problem solve real-world clinical dilemmas...
AUDI90033 Speech Pathology Practice 2This subject builds on the knowledge obtained in the Speech Pathology Practice 1. The subject expands students´ knowledge of speech pathology clinical settings and introduces the student to more complex cases. The clinical...
AUDI90002 Research Methods for Hearing and Speech SciencesThis subject will introduce students to research design in the behavioural sciences and provide the basic statistical tools and concepts for analysing relevant experimental data.
AUDI90036 Disorders of Fluency
AUDI90041 Complex Case Models in Speech PathologyThis unit focuses on problem based learning to build student competencies in working with complex, multi-faceted clinical cases. The content will focus on a range of issues across the lifespan including neurological diseases, diverse cultural...
AUDI90038 Professional Issues and Practice
AUDI90039 Speech Pathology Practice 3
AUDI90040 Independent Studies in Speech Pathology

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