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Master Social Work (Full Time) - Máster en Trabajo Social

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    Presencial en Dorset
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    For courses starting in September 2017
    UK/EU/Channel Islands: £6,000
    International (non-EU): £14,000
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    Septiembre 2019
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    Fern Barrow, Poole,
    Dorset (Bournemouth) BH12 5BB
    Reino Unido
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    2 Años
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    El Master se imparte en Inglés
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    Social Work MA


Do you already have a degree but are now considering a career in Social Work? This course provides a route to qualified social worker status for those who want to pursue a role within this thriving profession.

The Social Work Task Force and Reform Board promote high quality social work education for a challenging job. The profession demands the application of reflective, critical thinking skills, the ability to think deeply, deal with uncertainty and ambiguity and use and create best evidence in assisting people and society in a complex world. This course responds to these initiatives providing a high quality course that meets the Government, professional body and disciplinary requirements.

As this is a masters course, you will be required to develop a sound understanding of the research underpinning social work practice and attendant areas. You will develop your capacity to act as a research-minded, aware and capable practitioner, undertaking a dissertation and creating knowledge relevant to social work.


Applicants will normally have a 2:1 degree in any subject area, or equivalent international degree level qualification


Year 1 / Level M
Models, Methods and Approaches for Social Work Intervention
The unit will equip you with an understanding of the complex and multi-layered nature of social work, including the challenges of practicing professional social work with a diverse range of social work service users and carers.

Use of Self and Other; Theory and Practice
Being able to develop and sustain effective relationships with the diverse range of people in our society is at the core of excellent social work practice. Having a good awareness of self and other in these interactions as well as being able to manage the social dynamics are fundamental skills needed for these tasks. This unit aims to facilitate the development of these essential personal and interpersonal communication skills as well as exploring and understanding theory that will aid the application of these skills in professional practice.

Values, Ethics and Ideology
The aims of this unit are to explore a breadth of ethical and ideological considerations relevant to social workers practicing within complex multicultural / multifaith societies, typified by, but not confined to, the UK. You will have the opportunity to develop your understanding of ideological, religious and cultural belief systems, perspectives and practices and their influence on the practice of social work across diverse communities. This will include an international and cross-cultural critical focus.

Psycho-social Perspectives of the Life Course
You will develop knowledge and understanding of human growth, development and behaviour across the lifespan, and different sociological and psychological explanations for this. You will be encouraged to consider the interplay of psycho-social factors on human lives, exploring a range of influences on human development including the impact of gender, ethnicity, sexuality and disability. You will consider the complex relationships that exist between individual development and the social structures which exist within contemporary society using a biopsychosocial framework.

First Substantive Placement - Part A and B
These two work based units provide essential practice experiences that you require in working toward meeting the regulations of the professional body. You will be provided with a range of practice learning experiences that will enable you to develop personally and professionally and to work toward generating evidence of the Professional Capabilities Framework (PCF) at the level required for a first substantive placement.

Personal and Professional Development for Social Work students
The aim is to provide you with a range of practical guidance, support and underpinning knowledge to begin to develop your capabilities against the Professional Capabilities Framework and the HCPC Codes of practice and to further equip you with the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to study and develop a deep approach to learning in higher education.

Year 2 / Level M
Family Intervention
You will develop a critical understanding of social work with children, young people and their families/carers. This unit will specifically explore family as a context for socialisation and development; understanding and assessing children’s behaviour, parenting capacity and family interventions; and will incorporate the use of child observations.

Working with Risk and Complexity
You will develop your knowledge and understanding of social work in the context of protection, including responsibilities, analytical skills and knowledge, practical skills and professional accountability in all areas of social work practice. This unit will be underpinned by research and evidence based judgements and you will develop your understanding and competence in assessment and intervention.

Mental Health and Substance Use
You will examine your own views and beliefs surrounding mental health and drug and alcohol use as well as your knowledge and understanding of current legislation, policy and practice issues in order to develop your competence in responding to the needs of individuals, families and carers affected by mental health, drug and alcohol use. You will develop an understanding of the factors that contribute towards the development and maintenance of mental health and substance use problems, the relationship between the two, ways in which these factors can be ameliorated and challenges and dilemmas for social work practice.

Final Substantive Placement - Part A and B
This work based unit provides essential practice experiences students require in working toward meeting the regulations of the professional body. The aim is to provide you with a range of practice learning experiences that will enable you to develop personally and professionally and to evidence the Professional Capabilities Framework at the level required for a final substantive placement.

This unit embraces both traditional and non-traditional forms of intellectual inquiry and relevant practical management. It is the culmination of your work within the chosen pathway and draws on conceptual, theoretical and practical knowledge, developed in other units of the programme. It demonstrates your autonomous ability, within a complex professional context, to create knowledge that expands or redefines existing knowledge by critically synthesising the research literature.

Salidas profesionales

The Masters degree in Social Work is both an academic and professional qualification. Graduates of this MA have gone on to practice as social workers in a wide variety of posts in the statutory, voluntary and independent sector in the UK. Should you wish to work as a social worker outside the UK the Social Work Masters qualification is recognised in many countries.

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