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Master of Science in Economics - Máster en Economía

Católica Lisbon Business & Economics
  • Imparte:
  • Modalidad:
    Presencial en Lisboa
  • Precio:
    3 semester track: 11.700€
    4 semester track (with optional exchange semester): 13.700€
  • Comienzo:
    Septiembre 2022
  • Lugar:
    Palma de Cima
    Lisboa 1649-023
  • Duración:
    90 ECTS
  • Idioma:
    El Master se imparte en Inglés
  • Titulación:
    Master of Science in Economics


The program follows rigorous international standards. Classes are small, taught by internationally recognized professors and industry experts, and focused on advanced economic knowledge and applied techniques. The program is suited to students with both applied interests and more research-oriented profiles.

You will need to take the mandatory courses, as well as a major of your choice. We offer three applied majors (Macroeconomic Policy, Public Policy and Regulation, and Finance and Banking) and one more theoretical major (General Economics). At the same time, you will be prepared for the workplace with Leadership Lab activities and internship opportunities. Finally, you will work on your thesis project and be ready to launch your professional career. The program offers opportunities for an immersion in top economic institutions, in either internships or thesis development.

The program usually lasts three semesters, with the first two devoted to coursework (60 ECTS) and the third to the development of a master thesis (30 ECTS). For students wishing to do an internship or an exchange semester, they should do so in their third semester, and spend a fourth semester on their thesis.

The MSc in Economics also gives you also the opportunity to pursue a Double Degree or a Joint Degree at a top international school, or an exchange semester.


1st cycle degree in Economics, Business/Management or other quantitative discipline


Ideally candidates should have an undergraduate degree in Economics, including mathematical and statistical training, as well as intermediate microeconomics.

Outstanding candidates from other quantitative areas will also be considered, but may be asked to do some background study before joining the program (for the major in Finance and Banking only candidates with an Economics background will be considered).


The MSc in Economics provides a high quality graduate education in economics, training students in rigorous methods of analysis and preparing them for successful careers in banking, consultancy, international organizations or academia. Students can also pursue a Double or a Joint Degree.


1st Semester | 2nd Semester
Foundation Courses

All students must complete the following courses:
Advanced Microeconomics
Advanced Macroeconomics
Imperfect Markets
Econometrics I
Econometrics II
Business Ethics and Social Responsibility

Major in Macroeconomic Policy
This major prepares you to work in central banks or governmental and private agencies, and
includes the following courses:

Macroeconomic policy
International Macroeconomics
Economic Growth
Economic Globalization
Time Series Econometrics

Major in Public Policy and Regulation
The major prepares you to work in regulation, as well as other governmental and private institutions, and includes the following courses:
Economic Analysis of Social Policies
Game Theory
Industrial Organization
Market Regulation

Major in Finance and Banking
This major focuses on financial markets and prepares you to work in the financial sector. It includes the following courses:
Financial Investments
Financial Derivatives
Risk Management
Data Science for Finance
Empirical Finance

Major in General Economics
The major gives you a general overview of economics, which is ideal if you want to pursue an academic career. It includes the following courses:
Game Theory
Industrial Organization
International Macroeconomics
Economic Growth
Microeconometrics or Time Series Econometrics

Thesis semester

Thesis Project
After completing your coursework, you will need to write a master thesis. The thesis is the culmination of your master program, where you apply the knowledge you have acquired to an individual project.

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