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Master of Science and Mathematics Education (Curtin OUA Postgraduate) - Máster en Educación Ciencias y Matemáticas

Curtin University of Technology - Australia
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    Master of Science (Science and Mathematics Education)
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    The Master of Science (Science and Mathematics Education) provides experienced teachers and educators with a practical toolkit for professional development. The course includes both small scale research projects and coursework units covering effective use of ICT in schools and classroom learning environments, pedagogical issues related to the use of computers, the impact on the teacher´s role and the use of multimedia and the Internet in the classroom.

    This course takes a highly practical and hands-on approach to developing research skills, and is designed to encourage students to identify questions for further investigation. Students will explore a range of research methodologies and methods used to investigate educational settings as well as ethics and the role for the educational researcher.

    There are no compulsory on-campus attendance requirements in any Master of Science (Science and Mathematics Education) units offered through Open Universities Australia.


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    Science and Mathematics Education Research Methods
    Science and Mathematics Education Multimedia
    Science and Mathematics Education Classroom Climate
    Science and Mathematics Teaching and Learning
    Science and Mathematics Education Evaluation Issues
    Science and Mathematics Education Curricula
    Science and Mathematics Education Project A
    Science and Mathematics Education Project B


    apply knowledge and understanding of science and mathematics education research to improve their professional practice
    think critically, creatively and reflectively to identify and generate solutions to issues in science and mathematics education
    access, snythesise and critically evaluate data from a range of sources related to science and mathematics education
    use appropriate written, visual and oral communication skills in interactions with others in a professional setting
    select, access and use appropriate technologies to improve science and mathematics education
    sustain intellectually curosity and take responsibility for ongoing professional learning and personal development
    recognise and appreciate the contribution of the global community to advances in science and mathematics education
    demonstrate respect for individual human rights and cultural diversity
    work independently and collaboratively with colleagues and demonstrate leadership and guidance in professional practice.


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