Structuralia Formación Especializada

Master´s Degree in Geotechnical Engineering and Foundations - Ingeniería Geotécnia y Cimentaciones

Structuralia Formación Especializada
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    Universidad Isabel I Master´s Degree


The Master’s degree in Geotechnical Engineering and Foundations at Structuralia aims at strengthening, increasing and consolidating the knowledge and skills of construction, geology and civil engineering professionals in the field of Geotechnical Engineering through a total of nine modules. In addition to the main general concepts, the program focuses special attention on numerical modeling applications by means of a solid theoretical framework and practical exercises.

The students who successfully complete the Master’s degree in Geotechnical Engineering and Foundations will have knowledge and skills to perform specialized tasks and develop their professional career in the field of geotechnical engineering in civil engineering and construction companies, as well as in architecture firms.


Se requiere titulación universitaria de grado o equivalente


MODULE I Introduction to Geotechnics. Soil and Rocks

Unit 1: Description of Soils
Unit 2: Properties and Classification of Soils
Unit 3: Description of Rocks
Unit 4: Properties and Classification of Rocks
MODULE II Groundwater. Effects on Soils and Rocks

Unit 1: Fluid Flow in Porous Media
Unit 2: Effective Stress and Pore Pressures. Water Effects on Soil and Rocks
Unit 3: Soil Consolidation
Unit 4: Wells and Pumping Systems
MODULE III Ground Characterization, Instrumentations and Monitoring

Unit 1. Geotechnical and Soil Investigation Campaigns
Unit 2. Laboratory Tests in Geotechnical Engineering - I
Unit 3. Laboratory Tests in Geotechnical Engineering - II
Unit 4. Geotechnical Auscultation
MODULE IV Continuum Mechanics and Constitutive Models. Applications to Soil and Rocks

Unit 1: Elasticity and Continuum Mechanics
Unit 2: Plasticity Theory
Unit 3: Soil Constitutive Models
Unit 4: Rocks Constitutive Models
MODULE V Earth Pressures and Retaining Structures

Unit 1: Theory
Unit 2: Rigid Walls
Unit 3: Flexible Cantilevered Walls
Unit 4: Design Considerations
MODULE VI Slope Stability Analysis

Unit 1: Slope Stability Analysis
Unit 2: Soil Slope Stability
Unit 3: Rock Slope Kinematic Analysis
Unit 4: Rock Slope Stability Analysis
MODULE VII Shallow Foundations

Unit 1: Determinants and Study of Failure Models
Unit 2: Additional Notes on Bearing Capacity
Unit 3: Serviceability Limit State(SLS)
Unit 4: Slabs, Wells, Dynamic Aspects and Offshore Applications
MODULE VIII Deep Foundations

Unit 1: Basic Concepts and Soil Piling
Unit 2: Floating Piles in Soil, Piles in Rock and Pile Groups
Unit 3: Workloads and Pile Settlement
Unit 4: Pile Selection and Unusual Situations
MODULE IX Numerical Modelling In Geotechnics. Plaxis 2d

Unit 1: Numerical Modelling and its Application in Geotechnics. Introduction to Plaxis 2D
Unit 2: Applications with Plaxis 2D – Geometry and Finite Element Mesh Construction
Unit 3: Applications with Plaxis 2D – Calculation, Water and Result Analysis
Unit 4: Applications with Plaxis 2D – Practical Cases
MODULE X Master´s Final Project (MFP)


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