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Master Professional Accounting (Ext) - Máster en Contabilidad Profesional (Extensión)

University of New South Wales, Australia
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    Presencial en New South Wales
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    UNSW Australia International Centre, East Wing, Red Centre Building
    New South Wales 2052
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    2 Años
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    El Master se imparte en Inglés
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    Master Professional Accounting (Ext)


The Master of Professional Accounting (Extension) follows the structure of the Master of Professional Accounting but also provides students with the opportunity to complete a more comprehensive program beyond the core professional knowledge areas required for accreditation with ICAA and CPA Australia and study four additional elective courses related to resource management and specialised professional work.


completion of a recognized bachelor degree
meet English requirements.
* Some programs have additional entry requirements, please contact UNSW for this information.


On successful completion of the Master of Professional Accounting (Extension), students will have the ability to:
•understand and apply the main principles and techniques of the accounting discipline
•demonstrate an understanding of relevant knowledge in related business fields
•understand more specialised or broader topics beyond the current specific knowledge requirements of the professional accounting bodies
•apply critical thinking and problem solving skills to accounting problems or issues
•communicate ideas and information logically and concisely in written and oral formats
•reflect on the effectiveness of group learning process
•demonstrate an awareness of professional responsibilities including legal requirements, professional codes of conduct, and society’s expectations


The Master of Professional Accounting (Extension) consists of 17 courses (96 UOC): 13 core courses (78 UOC) and 4 elective courses (24 UOC).

The typical duration is 2 years full-time or 4 years part-time.

Note: You should take care to enrol into courses in the appropriate sequence. Example, ACCT5930 and TABL5512 should be taken early in the program as these courses provide the foundation knowledge for other courses

Core courses
ACCT5908 Auditing and Assurance Ser. (6 UOC)
ACCT5930 Financial Accounting (6 UOC)
ACCT5931 Strategic Management Accountin (6 UOC)
ACCT5942 Corporate Accounting & Regulat (6 UOC)
ACCT5943 Advanced Financial Reporting (6 UOC)
ACCT5996 Management Accounting and Busi (6 UOC)
ECON5103 Business Economics (6 UOC)
ECON5257 Intro Stats & Data Analysis (3 UOC)
FINS5511 Corporate Finance (6 UOC)
INFS5978 Accounting Information Systems (6 UOC)
TABL5512 Legal Foundations for Acct (3 UOC)
TABL5541 Corporations and Bus Assoc Law (6 UOC)
TABL5551 Taxation Law (6 UOC)

Choose 4 Elective courses:
ACCT5907 Int´l Fin Statement Analysis (6 UOC)
ACCT5910 Business Analysis & Valuation (6 UOC)
ACCT5914 Enterprise Strategy for Manage (6 UOC)
ACCT5919 Business Risk Management (6 UOC)
ACCT5920 Managing Intangible Resources (6 UOC)
ACCT5922 E-Business: Strategy & Process (6 UOC)
ACCT5949 Managing Agile Organisations (6 UOC)
ACCT5955 Management Control Systems (6 UOC)
ACCT5961 Reporting for Climate Change (6 UOC)
COMM5008 Global Workplace Practice (6 UOC)
FINS5526 Inter. Corp. Governance (6 UOC)
INFS5905 IS Auditing and Assurance (6 UOC)
MGMT5606 Chinese Business and Mngt (6 UOC)
MGMT5608 Corp. Strategy in East Asia (6 UOC)
TABL5524 Legal Environment of Asian Bus (6 UOC)
TABL5583 International Business Tax (6 UOC)

You may choose other courses with approval from the Program Director.

If you have a weighted average mark of 80 or above in the first two semesters of the program you may apply to complete a research training path as follows:

ACCT5997 Seminar in Research Methodolgy (6 UOC)
ACCT5999 Project Report (12 UOC)
One of the following courses:
ACCT5909 Current Developments Auditing (6 UOC)
ACCT5951 Current Develop Account Res F (6 UOC)
ACCT5952 Current Develop Account Res M (6 UOC)

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