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Master in Music Production - Máster en Producción Musical

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    Presencial en Derby
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    UK/EU students £580 per module
    International students Full time: £12000
    We have a variety of scholarship and bursaries for EU and Overseas students
  • Comienzo:
    Septiembre 2017
  • Lugar:
    Kedleston road
    Derby DE22 1GB
    Reino Unido
  • Duración:
    1 Año
  • Idioma:
    El Master se imparte en Inglés
  • Titulación:
    MA Music Production


‌‌During this challenging course you´ll develop the academic knowledge and practical skills you´ll need to take advantage of current and future opportunities in the music and media production industry sectors.
Music and sound production are integral to the creative industries sector both in the UK and internationally and are at the forefront of a diverse range of commercial, educational and research developments. Representing a significant area of commercial innovation and creative practice, the growth of new media platforms provides exciting employment opportunities and requires up to date approaches to the development of appropriate professional expertise.
‌Professional judgement, technical and creative ability, and appropriate knowledge and understanding are key to success in the music and media sector. Increasingly characterised by sophisticated technical systems and close integration with a range of media, music production encompasses a number of distinct specialisms and provides a dynamic field of postgraduate research activity.


You´ll usually need an undergraduate degree (at least second class), or an equivalent qualification.


This course is made up of three stages – Postgraduate Certificate, Postgraduate Diploma and MA.
Postgraduate Certificate
You’ll study these modules:
Research Methods: Application and Evaluation

This module will advise, guide, and develop you in the various elements that constitute the skills required for identifying and applying appropriate research methods and developing an overall research plan. Your learning will include how to identify, evaluate, and apply different research philosophies, research approaches, research strategies, research methods, and methods of data collection and analysis. Both quantitative and qualitative techniques are covered.

Perceptual Technologies

You will focus on the study and application of auditory perceptual theories and phenomena in real and artificial sound fields using scientific investigative methods combined with aesthetic analytical approaches. You will also develop the knowledge you will need to understand the perceptual consequences of artificial sound field production techniques and technologies.

Music Production Systems

This module focuses on the enhancement of technical skills and creative possibilities by using specific music production and authoring tools. You will explore and exploit the techniques involved in modern music production through practical and theoretical study. Independently developed portfolio projects will form the basis for your analytical and creative work.

Postgraduate Diploma
You’ll study these modules:
CPD and Strategic Management
During this module you will develop your managerial skills in preparation for work in a global industry environment. You will study strategic concepts and learn how to transfer them into your own industry or specialism using a structured approach.

You will focus on managing the global future by analysis rather than by instinct and become adept at forecasting and financial analysis, while considering business ethics.
The CPD (continuing professional development) element of this module means that you will be able to contextualise and concentrate your studies in your own discipline to improve your employability.
Studio Production
This module covers sophisticated technical and creative approaches to studio based music recording and production. You will explore the recording studio as an integrated technical system, as well as an environment requiring spontaneity and professionalism of thought and action.
You will choose one of these optional modules:
Digital Signal Processing and Sound Design
This module provides a detailed technical review of leading digital signal processing (DSP) systems, software applications, and procedures. With a specific focus on sound design as a creative and professional discipline with wide-ranging industrial applications, technical insight is evaluated within a range of applications and your studies are developed through a series of practical projects and design briefs. We will prepare you for the professional world of commercial sound design, including spatial sound design approaches, DSP research, and related communications industries.
Negotiated Module
This module encourages you to engage with a specific aspect of professional practice that complements or extends your academic studies at masters level. It includes aspects of negotiation, project management, target-setting, and implementation of objectives situated in practical experience and realised in the context of work based learning. The alignment of the agreed project aims and objectives with the required learning outcomes for the module is an important and integral requirement for successful completion of this module.


You will study this module:

Independent Scholarship

This module will provide you with an opportunity to use and enhance the knowledge and intellectual skills you’ve gained during the course by means of an extensive investigation of a proposed postgraduate study related to the course material. This can take the form of a dissertation, research based technical design and development project, or the exhibitionof creative design artwork.

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