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University of New South Wales, Australia
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    Presencial en New South Wales
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    UNSW Australia International Centre, East Wing, Red Centre Building
    New South Wales 2052
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    1 Año
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    El Master se imparte en Inglés
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    Master Law


The Master of Laws by Coursework offers law graduates an opportunity to study in an organised fashion areas of specialty and greater difficulty than are met within a Bachelor of Laws program, some of which call for advanced interdisciplinary perspectives. Courses offered in the LLM by Coursework program combine a degree of sophistication or technical difficulty in terms of legal content with a substantial consideration of relevant interdisciplinary aspects of the subject matter and a focus on policy. Each course contains a significant research component. All courses are not necessary available in any one year.



completion of a recognized bachelor degree
meet English requirements.

Some programs have additional entry requirements, please contact UNSW for this information.


The LLM by Coursework may be taken full-time in two semesters or part-time in a minimum of three semesters. Students must undertake and satisfactorily complete eight semester-long courses or the equivalent. A total of 48 units of credit are required for the award of the degree. Students may elect to complete a major sequence of courses (see below). Postgraduate courses are taught in a variety of formats both during the University´s formal academic semesters and over the Summer Term. While many are taught for two hours per week over a teaching semester, in others the class hours are arranged more intensively to permit students to focus fully on a research project. Some courses of particular interest to students in employment are scheduled in a venue situated in the CBD.

Course List

Postgraduate Elective Courses

LAWS8011 Anti-Money Laundering (6 UOC)
LAWS8012 Corruption Law and Policy (6 UOC)
LAWS8013 Transnational Policing (6 UOC)
LAWS8014 Defamation and the Media (6 UOC)
LAWS8015 Explaining Punishment (6 UOC)
LAWS8016 International & Comparative IP (6 UOC)
LAWS8017 Intellectual Property Law (6 UOC)
LAWS8020 Intnl Comm Dispute Resolution (6 UOC)
LAWS8021 Advanced Topics in IP (6 UOC)
LAWS8023 Commercial Contracts (6 UOC)
LAWS8025 Commercial Prop. Transactions (6 UOC)
LAWS8026 Banking and Finance Law (6 UOC)
LAWS8027 Adv Debt Capital Markets & Sec (6 UOC)
LAWS8028 Corporate Governance (6 UOC)
LAWS8030 Cybercrime (6 UOC)
LAWS8033 Privacy and the Media (6 UOC)
LAWS8036 Resti. & Unjust Enrichment (6 UOC)
LAWS8037 Surv Security and Democracy (6 UOC)
LAWS8038 Chinese Corp & Securities Law (6 UOC)
LAWS8040 Online Content Regulation (6 UOC)
LAWS8041 Commercial Conflicts of Laws (6 UOC)
LAWS8042 Comm Transactions Involving IP (6 UOC)
LAWS8044 Electronic Comm Law (6 UOC)
LAWS8045 Mining and Resources Law (6 UOC)
LAWS8047 IP Licensing Commercialisation (6 UOC)
LAWS8048 Administrative Justice (6 UOC)
LAWS8050 Globalisation and IP Law (6 UOC)
LAWS8054 Media & Comm. Industry Reg. (6 UOC)
LAWS8056 Disability Law and Policy (6 UOC)
LAWS8058 Workplace Change & Conflict (6 UOC)
LAWS8060 Human Rights in Asia (6 UOC)
LAWS8061 Australian Bills of Rights (6 UOC)
LAWS8062 Advanced Issues in PropertyLaw (6 UOC)
LAWS8063 Dispute Resolution Concepts (6 UOC)
LAWS8064 Regulatory Litigation (6 UOC)
LAWS8066 Australian Climate Law (6 UOC)
LAWS8067 Law, Culture the International (6 UOC)
LAWS8068 Environmental Law in Australia (6 UOC)
LAWS8069 Natural Resources Law (6 UOC)
LAWS8070 Renewable Energy Law (6 UOC)
LAWS8071 Development and Planning Law (6 UOC)
LAWS8073 Asian Competition Law (6 UOC)
LAWS8074 Competition Law and IP (6 UOC)
LAWS8075 Gender, Race and Justice (6 UOC)
LAWS8076 Issues in Criminal Justice (6 UOC)
LAWS8077 Foundation of Facilitation (6 UOC)
LAWS8078 Mediation (6 UOC)
LAWS8079 International Investment Law (6 UOC)
LAWS8080 Insurance Law (6 UOC)
LAWS8081 Adv. Issues in Internat. Law (6 UOC)
LAWS8082 Peaceful Settle. of Int. Disp. (6 UOC)
LAWS8083 Sports Sponsorship & Marketing (6 UOC)
LAWS8084 Uncensored History of Int Law (6 UOC)
LAWS8085 International Organisations (6 UOC)
LAWS8086 Law of the Sea (6 UOC)
LAWS8087 IL and Use of Force (6 UOC)
LAWS8088 Regulation of Online Investing (6 UOC)
LAWS8091 Corporate Control Transactions (6 UOC)
LAWS8092 Sec & Fin Mkts Reg (6 UOC)
LAWS8094 Int Finan Inst: Law and Prac (6 UOC)
LAWS8095 Corporate Insolvency (6 UOC)
LAWS8099 Funds Mgmt, Super & Insurance (6 UOC)
LAWS8102 Proliferation of WMD (6 UOC)
LAWS8103 Crime Prevention Policy (6 UOC)
LAWS8104 International Child Law (6 UOC)
LAWS8105 Juvenile Justice (6 UOC)
LAWS8107 Adv Issues in Int Human Rights (6 UOC)
LAWS8111 Prudential Regulation as Law (6 UOC)
LAWS8112 Const of Commercial Agreements (6 UOC)
LAWS8114 Minority Shareholders´ Rights (6 UOC)
LAWS8115 Strata and Community Title Law (6 UOC)
LAWS8116 Dispute Resolution Family Law (6 UOC)
LAWS8117 Issues in Restorative Justice (6 UOC)
LAWS8118 Legal Systems in Comp Persp (6 UOC)
LAWS8121 Reg Corp Global Capitalism (6 UOC)
LAWS8122 Critical Victimology (6 UOC)
LAWS8123 Indigenous Children Law (6 UOC)
LAWS8124 Indigenous Women and the Law (6 UOC)
LAWS8125 Criminal Process: Human Rights (6 UOC)
LAWS8135 Chinese Legal System (PG) (6 UOC)
LAWS8139 Law and the Culture Industries (6 UOC)
LAWS8140 Finance for Lawyers (6 UOC)
LAWS8141 Censorship Contempt & Media (6 UOC)
LAWS8142 Vietnamese Legal System (6 UOC)
LAWS8143 Comparative Patent Law (6 UOC)
LAWS8144 Comparative Trade Mark Law (6 UOC)
LAWS8145 Int Econ Law in Asian Region (6 UOC)
LAWS8146 Human Rights Law in Practice (6 UOC)
LAWS8147 Judging and the Judiciary (6 UOC)
LAWS8148 IP Strategy and Management (6 UOC)
LAWS8149 Advanced Issues in Torts (6 UOC)
LAWS8151 European Union:Inst & Leg Sys (6 UOC)
LAWS8152 EU: Economic & Trade Law (6 UOC)
LAWS8153 Peoples Tribunal and Int Law (6 UOC)
LAWS8154 Civil Fraud (6 UOC)
LAWS8155 Doping in Sport: Global Issues (6 UOC)
LAWS8157 European Human Rights Law (6 UOC)
LAWS8158 EU Business Law (6 UOC)
LAWS8164 Human Rights and Security (6 UOC)
LAWS8165 Skills in Dispute Management (6 UOC)
LAWS8172 Therapeutic Jurisprudence (6 UOC)
LAWS8173 Law PG Internship (6 UOC)
LAWS8180 Principles of Intl Law (6 UOC)
LAWS8181 International Human Rights (6 UOC)
LAWS8182 International Social Justice (6 UOC)
LAWS8183 Int. Commercial Arbitration (6 UOC)
LAWS8185 Law and the Sharing Economy (6 UOC)
LAWS8188 Law of Armed Conflict (6 UOC)
LAWS8189 Transnt´l Bus & Hum Rights (6 UOC)
LAWS8192 Law, Rights & Development (6 UOC)
LAWS8194 Animal Law (6 UOC)
LAWS8195 Taking Facts Seriously (6 UOC)
LAWS8201 Sentencing: Law, Policy & Prac (6 UOC)
LAWS8203 Global Issues in Comp Policy (6 UOC)
LAWS8209 Crim Justice:Global Perspectiv (6 UOC)
LAWS8210 Globalisation & Commercial Law (6 UOC)
LAWS8212 Native Title Law, Policy & Pra (6 UOC)
LAWS8219 Competition Law and Policy (6 UOC)
LAWS8220 Inter. Financial System (6 UOC)
LAWS8239 Workplace Law (6 UOC)
LAWS8241 Pacific Islands Legal Systems (6 UO

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