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Master International Public Health (Extn) - Máster en Salud Pública Internacional (Extensión)

University of New South Wales, Australia
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    Presencial en New South Wales
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    UNSW Australia International Centre, East Wing, Red Centre Building
    New South Wales 2052
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    18 Meses
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    El Master se imparte en Inglés
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    Master International Public Health (Extn)


The Master of International Public Health (Extension) provides students with the advanced disciplinary knowledge and technical capacities to contribute to disease control, health promotion, health services development, and public health research across a wide range of populations and countries. The program fosters sophisticated knowledge and skills that can be applied to a broad range of highly complex public health issues in global health. Graduates are equipped with specialised professional skills needed for research and professional practice to work globally in health departments, with government and non-government organisations, and with international and bi-lateral aid agencies in both the public and private sectors. The program fosters judgment-ready practitioners who can contribute to improving public health outcomes in specific and diverse settings drawing on a global health perspective.


Completion of a recognized bachelor degree
Meet English requirements.

* Some programs have additional entry requirements, please contact UNSW for this information.


1. Demonstrate strong sociocultural and political awareness of the diverse cultural settings, entities and policy agendas influencing global health and critically analyse complex and interrelated factors shaping health trends at local, national and international levels, as well as globally.

2. Apply advanced knowledge and skills for protecting the health of populations and preventing communicable and non-communicable diseases using epidemiological methods and contemporary theories and techniques relevant to international health priorities and settings.

3. Critically appraise the needs of communities and/or populations for promoting health, drawing on evidence informed approaches to support effective interventions.

4. Interpret and apply relevant research and research-based methods for informing international public health questions, priorities, policy and practice across a diverse set of contexts.


The MIPH (extension) comprises the following components for a total of 72 units of credit (UoC):
Core courses - 3 courses (18UoC)
International Health electives - 3 courses (18 UOC)
Research project/s - (6 UOC or 18 UOC or 24 UOC)
Elective courses - the number of elective courses is dependent on the UOC taken as research projects - either 2, 3 or 5 elective courses (either 12 UOC, 18 UOC or 30 UOC)
Core (18 UOC)
PHCM9012 Health Promotion & Social Pers (6 UOC)
PHCM9498 Epidemiology and Statistics:PH (6 UOC)
PHCM9605 International Health (6 UOC)
PLUS at least three courses from International Health-related electives (18 UOC)
PHCM9010 Community Development (6 UOC)
PHCM9050 Immunisation Policy & Practice (6 UOC)
PHCM9108 Program Design & Evaluation (6 UOC)
PHCM9132 Applied Research Methods: PH (6 UOC)
PHCM9606 Reprod, Matern & Child Health (6 UOC)
PHCM9612 Environmental Health (6 UOC)
PHCM9622 The Global HIV Epidemic (6 UOC)
PHCM9662 Health Aspects of Crises (6 UOC)
PHCM9782 Infectious Diseases (6 UOC)
PHCM9783 Com Disease Control in HE & D (6 UOC)
PHCM9784 Tropical Disease Control (6 UOC)
PHCM9786 Non-Communicable Disease (6 UOC)
PHCM9787 Infection Prevention & Control (6 UOC)
PHCM9788 Infect Diseases Intelligence (6 UOC)
PHCM9789 Bioterrorism & Intelligence (6 UOC)
PHCM9811 Social Studies of PH (6 UOC)
PLUS one or both of the following research project courses (6 UOC or 18 UOC or 24 UOC):
PHCM9148 Project (6 uoc) (6 UOC)
PHCM9150 Major Project (18 uoc) (18 UOC)
PHCM9151 Major Project-A (9uoc) (9 UOC)
PHCM9152 Major Project-B (9uoc) (9 UOC)

Other electives (12 UOC or 18 UOC or 30 UOC)

PHCM9041 Foundations (6 UOC)
PHCM9082 Advanced HE & FM (6 UOC)
PHCM9108 Program Design & Evaluation (6 UOC)
PHCM9120 Qualitative Research Methods (6 UOC)
PHCM9331 Ethics and Law in PH (6 UOC)
PHCM9381 Policy Studies (6 UOC)
PHCM9391 Strategy Policy & Change (6 UOC)
PHCM9440 Economic Evaluation in HC (6 UOC)
PHCM9441 Healthcare Economics & Fin Mgt (6 UOC)
PHCM9443 Htl Econ & Fin for Dev. Count. (6 UOC)
PHCM9471 Comparative H´lth Care Systems (6 UOC)
PHCM9517 Advanced Biostatistics (6 UOC)
PHCM9518 Advanced Epidemiology (6 UOC)
PHCM9520 Social Epidemiology (6 UOC)
PHCM9521 Managing Data in Hlth Research (6 UOC)
PHCM9604 Tobacco, Alcohol and Illicit (6 UOC)
PHCM9611 Rehab and Restorative Care (6 UOC)
PHCM9613 Management of Aged Care (6 UOC)
PHCM9615 Principles & Practice of PHC (6 UOC)
PHCM9621 HIV/AIDS: Responses (6 UOC)
PHCM9626 Inequalities and Health (6 UOC)
PHCM9628 Health Impact Assessment (6 UOC)
PHCM9630 PH Perspectives of Ind Health (6 UOC)
PHCM9632 Indigenous Health & Wellbeing (6 UOC)
PHCM9634 Case Studies Aboriginal Health (6 UOC)
PHCM9701 Health Leadership (6 UOC)
PHCM9702 Management of Lab Services (6 UOC)
PHCM9711 Managing Human Resources (6 UOC)
PHCM9731 Outbreak Investigation (6 UOC)
PHCM9748 Clinical Governance & Risk (6 UOC)
PHCM9761 PH Aspects of Mental Health (6 UOC)
PHCM9785 Predictive modelling in PH (6 UOC)

Additional Course Requirement for International Students
PHCM9100 Academic Practice (0 UOC)

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