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Master in International Business Development – Milan, Toronto y Bangalore - Master en Desarrollo de Negocios Internacionales

Centennial College - Toronto
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    Presencial en Toronto
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    Octubre 2017
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    941 Progress Avenue
    Toronto M1G 3T8
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    FECHA LÍMITE PARA SOLICITAR UNA DE LAS 10 BECAS QUE OFRECEMOS PARA EL MASTER IN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM: 10 de julio de 2015. ¡Inscríbete ahora e inicia el curso en octubre 2015! • 5 Becas de € 7.600,00 ofrecidas por Fondazione Cariplo • 5 Becas de € 5.000,00 ofrecidas por Fondazione Cariplo
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    El Curso se imparte en Inglés
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    Master in International Business Development
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    Inscríbete ahora en el Master in International Business Development Program (MAIB) que inicia en octubre de 2015. MAIB es un programa de auténtica educación global ofrecido en colaboración entre tres instituciones líderes en educación a nivel: la Universidad de Milano-Bicocca (Milan, Italia), Centennial College (Toronto, Canada) y la Universidad de Alliance (Bangalore, India). Recorre el mundo en quince meses y adquiere conocimientos en negocios, experiencia laboral y credenciales que te ayudaran a triunfar en un mercado global:

    · Primer nivel de Título de Master por la Universidad de Milano-Bicocca

    · Ontario College Graduate Certificate por Centennial College

    · Oportunidad de trabajar media jornada mientras estudias en Toronto

    · Oportunidad de solicitar un Post-Graduation Work Permit tras la graduación en Canadá

    “Formar parte de programa de MAIB es una elección que cambiará tu vida”
    - Miriam Hubbard, estudiante del programa de MAIB.


    Graduate students with bachelor degree in scientific, financial and humanities, having obtained a degree from an accredited college or university in Europe, Indian, China or its equivalent in any other country are eligible to apply.Minimum academic requirements for applicants are a 3-year/4-year bachelor’s degree


    a) MAIB + IBM – 14 months

    The curriculum will be structured around 15 Modules, all of which will contribute to the overall aim in a specific way.

    Pre-Term Program

    The course shall commence with the Pre-Term Program, aimed at ensuring that the diverse incoming class begins the fall term with a consistent level of introductory knowledge.

    Pre-Term will offer coursework in financial accounting and quantitative tools at different levels. Preparatory courses in these disciplines will cover aspects that students are presumed to understand prior to beginning of the coursework.

    Term 1 Courses – ITALY

    Globalization at work: a) nature, scope and trends of international business; b) business government and the international economy
    Market Analysis & Competitive Strategy
    Quantitative tools – Financial Reporting and Analysis
    Cross Cultural Context – understanding and skill building

    Term 2 Courses –INDIA

    Strategy – Global strategic management – the 3P approach
    Marketing Strategy
    Leadership and Organizational Behaviour
    Social Accountability and Change Management – Team-work and leadership in a global environment

    Term 3 Courses – CANADA (including IBM courses for the double degree)

    International Banking & Finance
    International Business Law
    International Entrepreneurship
    Global Business Research & Analysis
    Global Logistics
    Global Business Seminars – I
    Business Presentations
    Global Business Strategy (online; course registration available effective 2015/09
    Developing an International Business Plan (online; course registration available effective 2015/09)
    International Marketing & Trade (online; course registration available effective 2015/09)

    Term 4 – Internship

    The last quarter of the Master’s program will be dedicated to providing practical work experience to participants, allowing them to apply the knowledge, skills and business principles learned in their course-work. University of Milan-Bicocca in collaboration with partner Universities has a network of national and international institutions also in non-profit sectors offering participants Internship placements in specialized areas.

    Final project

    b) MAIB + IBM + Internship Period at Centennial College (for exploring work in Canada Option) – 15 months

    Students based on their interest and background will be offered internship placement with leading companies in Canada. Parallel they will be helped with all paper work for availing 8 month-long work visa in Canada and guidance & assistance with job placement.

    c) MAIB + IBM + MBA – 18 months

    The additional MBA study period at Alliance University will be structured around 7 modules and Dissertation.

    d) MAIB + IBM + MBA + Laurea Magistrale – 24 months (under consideration)

    The details regarding the Laurea Magistrale Degree in “Management & Service Science” at University of Milano-Bicocca will be available in due course of time.

    Salidas profesionales

    Collaboration with corporations and foundations is integral to the success of MAIB.

    As part of the MAIB Program, our endeavor is to create corporate involvement with our students. There are various ways companies can connect with our Universities and students for a mutually beneficial relationship.

    Sponsor Students for conducting specific research projects in India, Canada and Italy, under the guidance of expert faculty. Working across a range of business disciplines, our International Faculty supports students in under-taking research that can generate knowledge that can be extremely useful for your business.

    Placement of Students for Internship
    Participation in Career Fairs
    Participation in On-Campus Recruitment
    Support Student Fellowships
    Support Best Student Award
    Support other Events

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