University of New South Wales, Australia

Master of Infectious Diseases Intelligence - Máster en Enfermedades Infecciosas

University of New South Wales, Australia
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    Presencial en New South Wales
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    UNSW Australia International Centre, East Wing, Red Centre Building
    New South Wales 2052
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    1 Año
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    El Master se imparte en Inglés
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    Master of Infectious Diseases Intelligence


The Master of Infectious Diseases Intelligence (MIDI) is essential for a career in health emergencies, outbreaks, infectious diseases risk assessment and emergency response related to infectious diseases and other threats. This program is designed for relevant stakeholders from any sector, who wish to gain a better understanding of infectious diseases intelligence in the era of new and emerging disease threats, and management approaches for the identification, assessment, prevention and control of infectious diseases. Students will be exposed to the perspectives of different stakeholders and sectors working in infectious diseases. The course will be run in dual internal and online modes during summer school.


Completion of a recognized bachelor degree
Meet English requirements.

* Some programs have additional entry requirements, please contact UNSW for this information.


The MIDI provides students with advanced disciplinary knowledge and skills in infectious diseases prevention and control in a range of settings including in emergencies, as well as risk assessment, surveillance and related roles in government, community and health service settings in Australia and internationally. The program fosters sophisticated understanding and application across a complex body of multidisciplinary knowledge including infectious diseases intelligence, outbreak investigation, immunisation and tropical disease control. Graduates are equipped with the specialised skills needed for professional practice in control of infectious diseases and emergencies across a range of contexts including ministries and departments of health, government organisations, non-government and voluntary organisations, and primary care and community healthcare services in both public and private sectors. The program fosters judgment-ready practitioners who can contribute to improving population health outcomes specific to infectious diseases in diverse settings.


The Master of Infectious Diseases Intelligence program comprises the following components, for a total of 48 units of credit:

A. Five core courses (30 UOC) from the following list:
PHCM9050 Immunisation Policy & Practice (6 UOC)
PHCM9782 Infectious Diseases (6 UOC)
PHCM9784 Tropical Disease Control (6 UOC)
PHCM9788 Infect Diseases Intelligence (6 UOC)
(Note: Students need to choose either PHCM9498 or PHCM9781)
PHCM9498 Epidemiology and Statistics:PH (6 UOC)
PHCM9781 Evidence-informed Decision-mak (6 UOC)

B. One (6 UOC) course from recommended Infectious Diseases electives:
PHCM9621 HIV/AIDS: Responses (6 UOC)
PHCM9622 The Global HIV Epidemic (6 UOC)
PHCM9731 Outbreak Investigation (6 UOC)
PHCM9783 Com Disease Control in HE & D (6 UOC)
PHCM9785 Predictive modelling in PH (6 UOC)
PHCM9789 Bioterrorism & Intelligence (6 UOC)
PHCM9811 Social Studies of PH (6 UOC)

C. Two courses (12 UOC) from the following electives, or the list (B) above:
PHCM9041 Foundations (6 UOC)
PHCM9108 Program Design & Evaluation (6 UOC)
PHCM9132 Applied Research Methods: PH (6 UOC)
PHCM9331 Ethics and Law in PH (6 UOC)
PHCM9440 Economic Evaluation in HC (6 UOC)
PHCM9517 Advanced Biostatistics (6 UOC)
PHCM9518 Advanced Epidemiology (6 UOC)
PHCM9520 Social Epidemiology (6 UOC)
PHCM9605 International Health (6 UOC)
PHCM9701 Health Leadership (6 UOC)
* PHCM9498 Epidemiology and Statistics for Public Health is a pre-requiste for PHCM9517, PHCM9518 and PHCM9520 courses.

PLUS: Students who have not completed a degree in English will be required to enrol in the below course in their first semester of study to develop their knowledge and skills in literature searching, critical reading and writing, and appropriate referencing.
PHCM9100 Academic Practice (0 UOC)

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