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Master in Industrial Project Management - Máster en Dirección de Proyectos Industriales

University of Birmingham
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    Enero 2018
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    Birmingham B15 2TT
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    3 Años
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    Industrial Project Management Masters/MSc/Diploma/Certificate


The course is industry focused and looks to cover both theory and application of project management principles, practices and tools. Leadership, team building and influencing skills, integral to successful complex project delivery are also explored.

Chemical Engineering is dynamic and evolving. It provides many solutions to problems facing industries in the pharmaceutical, biotechnological, oil, energy and food and drink sectors. It is vital to many issues affecting our quality of life; such as better and more economical processes to reduce the environmental burden, and more delicious and longer lasting food due to the right combination of chemistry, ingredients and processing.

Birmingham is a friendly, self-confident, School which has one of the largest concentrations of chemical engineering expertise in the UK. The School is consistently in the top five chemical engineering schools for research in the country.


You should be a practising project manager working in a relevant industrial sector.

International students
We accept a range of qualifications from different countries


The key objectives of the course are:

A systematic understanding of Project Management knowledge, and critical awareness of current challenges in an industrial context
A comprehensive understanding of techniques applicable to advanced study of Project Management
Innovation in the application of Project Management knowledge, but with a practical understanding of how established techniques of research and enquiry are used to create and interpret information
Conceptual understanding of Project Management that enables them to critically evaluate current research and advanced scholarship and evaluate methodologies and develop critiques of them


Course modules

Each module is a mix of theory, practical example and coursework. Each module requires around 3 days of classroom tuition. The third year is a major project on an in-depth industrial project, managed using the principles and tools taught in the earlier two years.

Modules (MSc and Diploma)
Introduction to Industrial Project Management
This module introduces the course and covers introductory material, paying particular focus to topics such as (i) Project and Project types, (ii) Business Case and Benefits Management, (iii) Project Selection, (iv) Project lifecycle and (v) Company strategy.

This module introduces the ideas behind planning of industrial projects. This comprises an overview of all aspects of project management with particular focus on risk management, sponsorship, project organisation and scope definition. It puts strong emphasis on the importance of front end planning on the overall project success.

Controls and Implementation
This module introduces the concepts required to control a project. This includes topics such as: scope, cost and schedule control. In addition the implementation of a project is considered through topics like: recruitment, procurement, safety, handover and project closure.

Project skills
This module will enhance students’ skills for running projects. In particular areas such as leadership, communication, problem solving, influencing and expectations management are covered.

Project Delivery Strategy
This module looks to cover areas that are required for working with all parts of a project team. This will include topics such as identity of project team, contracts and how location of project influences the team.

Advanced Planning and Financial Management
This module looks to extend planning and financial management techniques.
This will include reviewing and challenging the business cases, value improvement and operational excellence methods, set based design and modular thinking, along with standardisation and re-use in design with an emphasis in sustainable practices. The financial management will cover topics such as accounting procedure, decision support, depreciation and asset management.

Advanced Controls
This module extends the idea of project controls to larger projects. The areas of scope, cost and schedule are still key, but techniques to cope with these topics on much larger scale are shown. Some of the detailed topics considered are advanced cost estimation, earned value, progress tracking curves and advanced (quantitative) risk management.

Advanced Implementation
This module takes industry examples to show how techniques learned in earlier modules have been made specific to that industry.

Business Case
This module will consolidate the other taught modules and to show how the topics covered can be used to influence the business case. Topics include change management and value chain analysis.

Major Project up to 1 year (MSc only)
This module involves the student taking a large project or a number of smaller projects with supervision from both industrial and academic staff and creating set of documents which will include a summary of the whole project lifecycle. Part of the assessment is by presentation and report.

Salidas profesionales

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