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Master of Human Rights - Máster en Derechos Humanos (Curtin OUA Postgraduate)

Curtin University of Technology - Australia
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    Master of Human Rights


The Human Rights course is designed to promote a critical understanding of the human rights discourse. The course covers modern human rights institutions and how these work for state and non-state actors. The course also explores the political, historical and philosophical development of ideas about human rights which underpin current systems. In recognition of the importance of a globalised understanding of human rights, the course explores ideas about human rights from multidisciplinary, multicultural and multi-religious perspectives, as well as looking at the roles that social movements, grass-roots campaigns and other actors have played in the development of human rights ideas and practices. The course takes a problematising approach to education, provoking students to engage with a range of ideas and perspectives and to develop their own positions. The course employs both theoretical and practical learning methods giving students the chance to put their learning into practice and to pursue individual areas of interest more deeply.


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Human Rights Theory and Philosophy
Human Rights History Across Cultures and Religions
Community Education and Consciousness Raising
Human Rights Instruments and Institutions
Human Rights and Development
Human Rights Issues 1
Human Rights Issues 2
Human Rights Activism, Advocacy and Change
Human Rights Project Preparation
Human Rights Project


apply knowledge of the principles and concepts of human rights in work and community settings
critically analyse political, service, policy and moral issues using a human rights framework. Think creatively to develop human rights based solutions to social and political problems
locate, critically evaluate and synthesise relevant evidence and human rights literature
communicate, both verbally and in writing, comprehensive analyses of complex human rights data or theories
use technologies to effectively collect information and communicate findings
demonstrate ability in self-directed learning
recognise the global nature of human rights issues and apply knowledge of practices learned
demonstrate a critical appreciation of diverse cultural aspects of human rights theory and practice
demonstrate ability to work ethically and independently on study and fieldwork projects, as well as work collaboratively with fellow students, staff and colleagues in the field.

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