University of New South Wales, Australia

Master Environmental Law and Policy - Máster en Legislación y Política Medioambiental

University of New South Wales, Australia
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    Presencial en New South Wales
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    UNSW Australia International Centre, East Wing, Red Centre Building
    New South Wales 2052
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    18 Meses
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    El Master se imparte en Inglés
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    Master Environmental Law and Policy


The Master of Environmental Law and Policy (MELP) provides an inter-disciplinary study program that meets the knowledge requirements of students interested in careers in environmental law, and environmental policy and management. This novel interdisciplinary environmental program is the only one in Australia to fully integrate the otherwise separate disciplines of law, policy and management. Students will acquire an advanced level of knowledge and analytical skills in relation to the issues, challenges and conduct of environmental law, environmental policy and environmental management, and the areas of interaction between the disciplines. The program provides opportunities for in-depth study and research in respect of the interrelationship between the environmental legal system, the frameworks and tools of sustainable environmental management, and the complex policy issues presented by the environmental challenges of the 21st century. Not all courses are necessarily available in any one year.


Students must satisfactorily complete 36 UOC (6 subjects) of the following core subjects:

Environmental Law courses

Core Disciplinary (taken during the first semester of Year 1)
LAWS8167 Legal Concepts for Env Law (6 UOC)
Students who have completed a Bachelor of Laws with a minimum of a credit average may be eligible to be exempt from completing LAWS8167 and may be given permission to undertake another Environmental Law Courses in lieu of this. These requests can only be approved by the Program Director. Please contact Law Student Services for more information on

Core Advanced Disciplinary: Environmental Law (taken during the first two semesters of Year 1)
LAWS8068 Environmental Law in Australia (6 UOC)
LAWS8319 Internationl Environmental Law (6 UOC)
Environmental Studies Courses

Core Advanced Disciplinary: Environmental Studies (taken during Years 1 and 2)
IEST5001 Frameworks for Env. Mgt. (6 UOC)
IEST5002 Tools for Env. Management (6 UOC)
IEST5003 Addressing Env. Issues (6 UOC)
Note: IEST5001 is normally to be taken at the start of the program, while IEST5003, a capstone course, should be taken later in the program, preferably the final semester.

Prescribed Electives

Environmental Studies courses

Students must complete at least 6 UOC (1 course) from the following list of disciplinary courses:
GEOS9011 Environmental Impact Assess´t (6 UOC)
HPSC5500 Soc Env Policy (6 UOC)
IEST5008 Ecosystem Management (6 UOC)
IEST7100 Environ Management: Economics (6 UOC)
IEST7300 Environ Mgmt: Physical Science (6 UOC)
IEST7400 Environmental Social Science (6 UOC)
IEST7500 Env. Eng Fundamentals (6 UOC)
These courses will usually be taken in year 1. Particular courses may be recommended from this list to students following discussions with the program coordinator of an individual student’s academic qualifications and experience.

Students must also complete 12UOC (2 courses) from the following list:
IEST5004 Environment Internship (6 UOC)
IEST5005 Media Advocacy & Public Educ. (6 UOC)
IEST5007 Environment and Development (6 UOC)
IEST5012 Research Project Part B (12 UOC)
IEST5021 Sustainability Reporting (6 UOC)
IEST5099 Scenarios for Sustainability (6 UOC)
IEST6911 Managing Greenhouse (6 UOC)
Environmental Law courses

Students must complete 18 UOC (3 courses) from the following courses
LAWS8045 Mining and Resources Law (6 UOC)
LAWS8066 Climate Law (6 UOC)
LAWS8069 Natural Resources Law (6 UOC)
LAWS8070 Sustainable Energy Law (6 UOC)
LAWS8071 Development and Planning Law (6 UOC)
LAWS8086 Law of the Sea (6 UOC)
LAWS8185 Law and the Sharing Economy (6 UOC)
LAWS8366 Environmental Markets (6 UOC)
LAWS8423 Research Thesis: 6 uoc (6 UOC)
Not all courses will be offered in every year. New courses may be added to the following list from time to time.

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