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Master of Engineering (Software with Business) - Máster en Ingeniería del Software y Empresa

University of Melbourne
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    Presencial en Victoria
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    Victoria (Melbourne) 3010
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    3 Años
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    El Curso se imparte en Inglés
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    Master of Engineering (Software with Business)
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    Software engineers use an understanding of computer science, design, engineering, management, mathematics and psychology to enable team production of large software systems. You will combine mathematical, scientific and technical knowledge with creativity to tackle large-scale software design and development projects.

    You will have the opportunity to work closely with IT professionals in a year-long industry project, as well as building the essential team work skills required to implement and operate software engineering solutions in industry.

    The Master of Engineering (Software with Business) will provide you with a formal qualification in software engineering at the Masters level.


    One of the following undergraduate degrees with a Software Systems major or sequence:
    with a weighted average mark of at least H3 (65%).

    All students studying at the University of Melbourne must satisfy the University’s English language entry requirements. For graduate entry, Engineering offers an alternative.


    The Master of Engineering (with Business) is designed to provide students with a formal qualification in engineering at the masters level, with a business specialisation that recognises the need for engineers to understand the management and workings of modern professional organisations.

    Graduates will have a grounding in financial, marketing and economic principles enabling them to work efficiently in any organisation, as well as the ability to apply the technical knowledge, creativity and team work skills learnt in their engineering training. This combination of knowledge and skills will be a powerful asset in the workplace.


    Year 1 (Prelim)
    Sem 1
    Engineering Computation
    Algorithms and Complexity
    Programming and Software Development
    Engineering Communication and Practice

    Sem 2
    Theory of Computation

    Year 2
    Sem 1
    Software Requirements Analysis
    IT Project and Change Management
    Modelling Complex Software Systems
    The World of Engineering Management

    Sem 2
    Masters Software Engineering Project
    Software Engineering Methods
    SE Advanced Elective
    Marketing Management for Engineers

    Year 3
    Sem 1
    Masters Advanced Software Project
    SE Advanced Elective
    SE Advanced Elective
    Economic Analysis for Engineers

    Sem 2

    CIS Advanced Elective
    Strategy Execution for Engineers
    Engineering Contracts and Procurement

    Salidas profesionales

    The IT industry is experiencing a critical skills shortage in Australia and highly-trained graduates are in strong demand. Career opportunities exist in a wide variety of roles including as software designers and developers, project managers, database managers, programmers, web producers, analysts, gaming software authors and consultants to the private sector or government. Our graduates work for companies such as AMP, Google, IBM, Microsoft, NAB, Fujitsu, General Electric, KPMG, BHP Billiton and Deloitte.


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