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Máster en International Business Management (English)

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    Octubre 2022
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    60 ECTS
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    El Master se imparte en Inglés
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    After successfully completing the Master and having carried out the pertinent procedures, you will receive the OBS Business School diploma. In addition, you will have the possibility of obtaining a diploma from the University of Barcelona, as long as you meet the academic, documentation, payment and administrative requirements.


The Master in International Business Management provides managers with the knowledge and skills necessary for effective international business negotiation. Our students will also plan and develop global growth strategies in order to achieve objectives and get ahead of market changes.


The students of our Master in International Business Management come from different backgrounds and industries. However, they all have a common goal: to enhance their management skills in order to boost their professional careers.


Recognise the needs of international customers and develop global marketing strategies, assess the intercultural complexities of international management and manage institutional agreements ethically.

Identify the different variables that influence the creation of commercial networks and the impact of logistics as a resource for business, managing the tax consequences of an international organisation’s business operations, according to the current market.

Describe and apply the tools of economic analysis and identify the challenges and opportunities of globalisation.

Apply the knowledge needed to succeed as a global entrepreneur and the know-how to develop new business in international contexts.


1. International Business Management
1.1 International Integration and Economic Environment
1.2 International Business Management and Innovation
1.3 Global Marketing
1.4 International financial management
1.5 Cross-Cultural Management

2. International Trade Management
2.1 Global E-Business
2.2 Global Entrepreneurship
2.3 International Trade Management
2.4 Global Supply Chain Management
2.5 International Trade Negotiations

Final Masters´ Thesis and Additional Activities

Additional activities
Workshop Trading with…
‘Case studies’: Método del caso

Salidas profesionales

1. International Sales Director
2. Export and Import Consultant
3. International Business Director
4. Marketing Director
5. Internationalisation consultant
6. International Team Manager
7. Head of Department in international companies
8. Export Manager

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