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    Master Education


The one-year Master of Education degree is designed for qualified teachers and other educational professionals who wish to study education at an advanced level. Commonwealth Supported Places (previously HECS) are available for local candidates.

The program is suitable for teachers, trainers in industry and commerce, adult educators and other professionals, but does not provide a qualification in pre-service education.

The program offers eight areas of specialisation: Educational Studies, Assessment and Evaluation, Educational Psychology, Gifted Education, Higher Education, Special Education, TESOL and Visual Arts Education.


Completion of a recognized bachelor degree
Meet English requirements.

* Some programs have additional entry requirements, please contact UNSW for this information.


Program-level learning outcomes

1. Advanced disciplinary knowledge and practices
Demonstrate an advanced understanding of the field of education as it relates to their specialist area of study, and the ability to synthesize and apply disciplinary principles and practices to new or complex environments.

2. Enquiry-based learning
Demonstrate an in-depth understanding of research-based learning and the ability to plan, analyse, present implement and evaluate complex activities that contribute to advanced professional practice and/or intellectual scholarship in education

3. Cognitive skills and critical thinking
Demonstrate advanced critical thinking and problem solving skills

4. Communication, adaptive and interactional skills
Communicate effectively to a range of audiences, and be capable of independent and collaborative enquiry and team-based leadership

5. Global outlook
Demonstrate an understanding of international perspectives relevant to the educational field


The program consists of courses to the value of 48 units of credit (normally eight courses).

This program offers eight areas of specialisation:

For Assessment and Evaluation specialisation structure: click here.

For Educational Psychology specialisation structure: click here.

For Educational Studies specialisation structure: click here.

For Gifted Education specialisation structure: click here.

For Higher Education specialisation structure: click here.

For Special Education specialisation structure: click here.

For TESOL specialisation structure: click here.

For Visual Arts Education specialisation structure: click here.
Elective Courses in Education
EDST5032 Ethnographic & Action Research (6 UOC)
EDST5101 Experimental Research Design (6 UOC)
EDST5103 Survey Research (6 UOC)
EDST5104 Educational Assessment (6 UOC)
EDST5105 ICT - based Learning (6 UOC)
EDST5106 Behaviour Management (6 UOC)
EDST5107 High Incidence Disabilities (6 UOC)
EDST5108 Introduction to Modern Test (6 UOC)
EDST5109 Performance Appraisal (6 UOC)
EDST5110 Leadership for Gifted Students (6 UOC)
EDST5111 Intellectual Disabilities (6 UOC)
EDST5113 Students with ASD (6 UOC)
EDST5114 Curriculum and Assessment (6 UOC)
EDST5118 Prof Practice SpEd (6 UOC)
EDST5120 Qualitative Research (6 UOC)
EDST5121 Introduction to University L&T (6 UOC)
EDST5122 Student Learning in HE (6 UOC)
EDST5123 Educational Design in HE (6 UOC)
EDST5124 Enhancing L&T in HE (6 UOC)
EDST5126 Issues in Higher Education (6 UOC)
EDST5127 Coaching and Mentoring (6 UOC)
EDST5128 Communication Disorders (6 UOC)
EDST5129 Transitions (6 UOC)
EDST5130 Leadership in Action (6 UOC)
EDST5131 Teaching Oral Communication (6 UOC)
EDST5138 Inclusive Education (6 UOC)
EDST5140 Visual Arts Education Issues (6 UOC)
EDST5141 Crit Engage Indigenous Edu (6 UOC)
EDST5142 Leading Educational Change (6 UOC)
EDST5143 Critical Persp in Ed Lead (6 UOC)
EDST5144 Theoretical Framework VisArtEd (6 UOC)
EDST5145 Mentoring Practicum (6 UOC)
EDST5146 Supervision and Assessment (6 UOC)
EDST5148 Digital Literacies and Ed (6 UOC)
EDST5201 Critical Thinking in Education (6 UOC)
EDST5205 Research in Science Ed (6 UOC)
EDST5303 Learning and Problem Solving (6 UOC)
EDST5306 Human Development & Education (6 UOC)
EDST5307 Mental Processes (6 UOC)
EDST5308 Teacher Learning (6 UOC)
EDST5313 Learning: Research and Prac (6 UOC)
EDST5314 Building Resilience (6 UOC)
EDST5320 Individual Differences (6 UOC)
EDST5321 Motivation in Education (6 UOC)
EDST5322 Scaffolding EAL/D Learners (6 UOC)
EDST5325 TESOL Professional Practice (6 UOC)
EDST5431 Financial Issues in Ed Lead (6 UOC)
EDST5433 Organisation Theory in Educ. (6 UOC)
EDST5436 Evaluation of Educ Prog (6 UOC)
EDST5438 Leadership Theory (6 UOC)
EDST5439 Legal Issues in Ed Leadership (6 UOC)
EDST5440 Adv TESOL Method (6 UOC)
EDST5441 Adv TESOL CurricDesign & Asses (6 UOC)
EDST5443 Assessment for Learning (6 UOC)
EDST5445 Workplace Lead Dev Project (6 UOC)
EDST5448 Classroom-based Research (6 UOC)
EDST5450 Leading Individuals & Teams (6 UOC)
EDST5451 Ed Policy: Theory & Practice (6 UOC)
EDST5452 Issues in Language Education (6 UOC)
EDST5453 Culture and Curriculum (6 UOC)
EDST5454 Developing Literacies (6 UOC)
EDST5455 HRM in Education (6 UOC)
EDST5456 Language and Learning (6 UOC)
EDST5457 Literature Review in Education (6 UOC)
EDST5458 Researching Education (6 UOC)
EDST5459 School Based Management (6 UOC)
EDST5460 Specialist Study in Education (6 UOC)
EDST5461 Issues in Ed Leadership (6 UOC)
EDST5462 Teacher Leadership (6 UOC)
EDST5463 Engaging Ed Research Lit (6 UOC)
EDST5608 Effective Schools (6 UOC)
EDST5800 Current Issues in Educ. of IGC (6 UOC)
EDST5802 Identification of GC (6 UOC)
EDST5803 Devlp Effect Programs for GS (6 UOC)
EDST5805 Curr Diff & Assess in GiftedEd (6 UOC)
EDST5806 Creativity & Giftedness (6 UOC)
EDST5807 Social & Emot. Devel. of IGC (6 UOC)
EDST5808 Key Concepts in Gifted Ed (6 UOC)
EDST5888 Project (6 UOC)

ARTS5503 Academic Writing (6 UOC)
This course can be taken as an additional course for students wishing to develop their academic writing skills. It will not count towards the program requirements. Click here for further details about the course.

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