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Master Education: Leadership and Management - Máster en Educación: Liderazgo y Gestión

Bath Spa University
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    Presencial en Bath
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    Octubre 2018
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    Newton Park, Newton St Loe
    Bath BA2 9BN
    Reino Unido
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    1 Año
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    El Curso se imparte en Inglés
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    Education: Leadership and Management (MA)
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In a globally connected and rapidly changing world the skills needed in the future are very different to those needed today. It is argued that education offers each individual and nation the best chance of navigating an unknown future. This course explores the unique challenges facing educational leaders in the 21st century as they learn to cope with uncertainty and adapt to evolving conditions.


You will need to have a bachelor’s degree from a recognised higher education institution. The content and subject matter of your degree is open. For overseas, non-native speakers of English, a minimum language level of IELTS 6.5, or equivalent, is required.


Trimester 1
In your first trimester you will study two compulsory core modules totalling 60 credits.

Core Module:
Education: Economics, Politics and Society (30 credits) explores how education can be understood in a complex and globalised world where it is seen by many governments as a significant factor in economic growth and competition. You will learn how to question the policies and organisations involved in defining the purposes, content and outcomes of education.

Award Core Module:
Leadership in Practice: part 1. (30 credits) explores how leadership is exercised in your own educational setting through analysing a specific example of improvement and change. Taught sessions will provide an understanding of the ways in which leadership impacts on the climate and culture of a school or educational setting you will explore theories of organizational change. You will then undertake a work-based action research project in order to critically evaluate a chnage initiative and your impact as a leader.

Trimester 2
In your second trimester you will study one compulsory core module, and two 15 credit elective modules, one of which may be a shared elective from another MA award. This will total 60 credits.

Compulsory Core Module:
Social Science Research (30 credits) sets educational research within the broader context of the social sciences and introduces a range of qualitative and quantitative methodologies and methods from which you can select the most appropriate for your dissertation.

Elective Modules:
Leadership in Practice: part 2. (option 15 credits). An important aspect of leadership development is concerned with the way that our life experiences influence our values, beliefs and practice as a leader. This module explores the narratives that we tell as leaders and how our educational vision is shaped by our past experiences. Drawing on research into ‘learning lives’ you will be supported to write a reflective case study of self that articulates the influences that have shaped your professional identity and will inform your future development.

Leadership principles: context and challenges. (option 15 credits). This module will develop your critical thinking and practical understanding of the principles of leadership. Time will be spent in sessions exploring current international research and thinking in order to challenge and develop an understanding of what consittutes effective leadership within particular contexts.

Leadership and coaching. (shared option 15 credits). Coaching is recognised as a significant, and distinctive, leadership style. This module will help you to gain an understanding of the differences between coaching, mentoring and leadership. You will have an opportunity to develop your coaching skills in your school or setting. These experiences will enable you to reflect critically on what constitutes effective coaching and its value as a leadership style.

Trimester 3
In your third trimester you will research and write your Dissertation (60 credits) on a topic relevant to your award.

Dissertation (60 credits) enables you to study and research an aspect of education theory, policy or practice in depth, guided by an expert to arrive at your own synthesis of a topic to take forward into your career.

Salidas profesionales

A qualification that combines practical and theoretical knowledge provides a good basis for applying for middle, senior or leadership roles in schools or other educational institutions. Many students on our educational leadership awards gain promotion within 12 months of completing the course. A good grounding in academic work that supports further research at PhD level and eventual employment in an academic institution.

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