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Master Degree in Molecular Biomedicine - Máster Universitario en Biomedicina Molecular

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid - UAM
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    Presencial en Madrid
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    Madrid 28049
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    60 ECTS
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    El Master se imparte en Inglés
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    Master´s Degree in Molecular Biomedicine / Máster Universitario en Biomedicina Molecular


The Master’s Degree in Molecular Biomedicine offers 5 areas of specialization covering different
human pathologies: Cancer, Immune and Inflammatory Diseases, Neurological Diseases,
Cardiovascular Diseases and Rare Diseases.

The Master’s Degree is organised on a modular basis. The student must complete 60 ECTS credits
over one academic year, of which 30 credits are theoretical and practical modules (5 modules of 6
ECTS credits each) and the other 30 ECTS credits consists of a laboratory‐based experimental module focused on developing a Research Project. This project will take place in one of the research groups attached to the postgraduate program and under tutor supervision. At the end of the Master’s Degree the student must submit a written Master’s Thesis for presentation and defence before a board of examiners.


Students eligible for admission to the Master’s Degree in Molecular Biomedicine must have a Bachelor’s Degree in Experimental or Health Sciences: Biochemistry, Biology, Biotechnology, Medicine, Pharmacy, Veterinary Medicine, Chemistry or other similar fields, and wish to orient their studies toward specialization in Molecular Biomedicine. Should a Spanish or foreign graduate of any other discipline apply for admission, their academic background will be examined before granting admission.

Also, since the lessons are taught in English, B2 level or equivalent is required.
Optionally, cover letters may be submitted to endorse the application.
Once admission is requested, the Management Commission will select and accept students in the Masters Programme. This Commission will assess each request for admission in view of students’ qualifications and previous studies.


Critical Analysis of Scientific Literature. Applied Statistics for Molecular Biosciences
Genetically modified animals: Strategies and Applications
Animal Experimentation and Bioethics
Molecular Pharmacology
Gene and Cell Therapy
Biomedical Applications of Bioinformatics and Systems Biology
Advances in the Study of Immune Diseases and Inflammation
Advances in Research on Diseases of the Nervous System
Cancer Biology
Translational Molecular Oncology
Advances in Cardiovascular Pathology Research
Molecular Genetics of Rare Diseases
Final Master Thesis

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