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  • Modalidad:
    Presencial en Bath
  • Precio:
    UK/EU students - Ranging from £6,595 -£8,790
    International students £11,600
  • Comienzo:
    Octubre 2018
  • Lugar:
    Newton Park, Newton St Loe
    Bath BA2 9BN
    Reino Unido
  • Duración:
    1 Año
  • Idioma:
    El Curso se imparte en Inglés
  • Titulación:
    Dance (MA, PGDip)


Dance at Bath Spa University is known for its work in both live and screen-based performance practice. The masters programme (new for 2014) is ideal for those interested in the interface of contemporary dance, site, and digital media.

The course is aimed at those with a specialist interest in screen-based dance practice and/or interdisciplinary work where the texts of dance and one or more other media intersect to create new work.


A dance-based first degree (2:2 or above) or a relevant professional qualification/experience equivalent.


DA7001: Research Project. 30 credits

This module gives you the opportunity to develop a sophisticated understanding of, and ability to, research at a professionally applicable level. Engaging with current scholarship and research in an area that is of relevance to your own practice, you will engage with key methodologies and critical evaluation skills in the undertaking of a substantial project. Your focus may be orientated towards practice, or may embrace a solely theoretical approach. Your research may inform work in an upcoming module or work beyond the curriculum of this course.

This module is designed to be partly undertaken through distance learning employing e-learning strategies.

Assessment: Submission of a 7,500 word research paper, or a combination of written and practical work as negotiated with your tutor.

DA7002: Interdisciplinary or Screen Based Performance Practice. 30 credits

This module concerns itself with ‘live’ interdisciplinary, or screen-based, performance making. Interdisciplinary work might exist at the interface of dance and at least one other ‘media’ which might include, for instance, video, writing, painting, textiles, or it may involve practice not normally associated with the arts, such as engineering, chemistry, or architecture. Screen-based performance, in the context of this module, focuses on ‘screendance’ as a creative interface between choreography and digital technology to design and produce work for the single screen. At the core of this module is an exploration of possibilities, leading to the development, construction, and performance/screening of an original work. In addition to this you will design on-line marketing material to support a public performance of your work.

Assessment: Performance/screening of work 70% On-line journal 30%

DA7003: Work-Based Learning. 30 credits

This module locates you in an individually relevant professional environment, which may be your existing workplace, a negotiated placement of your own, or with one of our placement hosts.

You will negotiate with your tutors and placement providers to devise a project that contributes to the host organisation or individual while allowing you to develop your own professionality within an appropriate area. This may, for instance, be in the areas of funding, project management, marketing, or research.

This module gives you the flexibility to design your own timetable. Tutorial support, either face to face or on-line, is a key feature of the learning process.

Assessment: Presentation 50% Written 50%

DA7004: Site Responsive Collaborative Performance Practice. 30 credits

This module responds to the huge potential offered by non-theatre performance locations and draws on collaborative opportunities to work with artists and students studying other BSU masters courses to construct cross-disciplinary performance work that responds to a ‘site’ of your own choosing. Investigations into the potential of an ‘assembly of texts’ forms a key element to this module. Drawing on site, choreography, sound, and other art forms, an understanding of the impact upon individual texts when layered against one another, will be central to your own creative process in the construction of a major performance work.

In addition to the creative aspect of this project, you will be expected to negotiate with your chosen site’s stakeholders and deal with all issues relating to health and safety and performance management.

Assessment: Performance 80% Journal 20%

DA7005: Final Project. 60 credits

Your final project will draw upon skills and knowledge acquired in modules 1, 2, 3, and 4. The content is negotiated with course tutors but might, for example, be a work for the single screen, an interdisciplinary site-specific work, or a stage performance work that draws upon an area of practice that is central to your interests and aspirations. This project will commence with tutor guidance but will become self-directed in its later stages. A single summative assessment will conclude this, the final module of your masters degree.

Assessment: Performance 100%

Salidas profesionales

Having a post-graduate qualification opens up a range of options in the world of dance related work, and beyond. Postgraduate dance studies at Bath Spa University focus closely on you as an independent dance artist and you may choose to go on to be a choreographer, performer, teacher, filmmaker, or a combination of these things. However, the course is also designed to help you develop versatility and understanding of how to market and present your work in a professional manner. These skills, and the skills associated with creativity and performance, are highly transferrable to a wide range of creative working situations.

Graduates from the BA (Hons) Dance at Bath Spa University achieve above average ‘graduate level’ jobs 6 months after graduating at 71.4% and a 98% overall employment rate (2010/11 BSU data). We anticipate that our graduates´ success will be continued as this existing successful programme provides its first Masters level study opportunity from 2014.

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