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Master in Control and Instrumentation - Máster en Instrumentación y Control

University of Derby
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    Presencial en Derby
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    UK/EU students £580 per module
    International students Full time: £12000
    We have a variety of scholarship and bursaries for EU and Overseas students
  • Comienzo:
    Septiembre 2017
  • Lugar:
    Kedleston road
    Derby DE22 1GB
    Reino Unido
  • Duración:
    1 Año
  • Idioma:
    El Master se imparte en Inglés
  • Titulación:
    MSc Control and Instrumentation


You´ll specialise in control and instrumentation, and develop the skills and knowledge you´ll need to apply for registration as a Chartered Engineer (CEng) when you graduate.
Chartered Engineers use a range of fundamental scientific principles to:
research, develop and apply new technologies
develop and promote advanced designs and design methods
introduce new and more efficient production techniques
initiate marketing and construction concepts
pioneer new engineering services and management methods.
This course is flexible, so you´ll have lots of choice in the specialist subject modules you take and the ways you learn. So you´ll study some modules through lectures and tutorials, some online and others in your workplace. You´ll study both on your own and as part of a group. And your project work will give you experience of working in teams.


You´ll normally need an appropriate engineering or science undergraduate degree (2:2 or above) or equivalent, an equivalent professional qualification, or significant industrial or professional experience following your initial qualification.
If English is not your first language, you´ll also need an IELTS score of 6.0 or equivalent.


This course is made up of three stages - Postgraduate Certificate, Postgraduate Diploma and MSc.
Postgraduate Certificate
You will study these modules:
Research Methods: Application and Evaluation

This module will advise, guide, and develop you in the various elements that constitute the skills required for identifying and applying appropriate research methods and developing an overall research plan. Your learning will include how to identify, evaluate, and apply different research philosophies, research approaches, research strategies, research methods, and methods of data collection and analysis.
Intelligent Instrumentation Systems

The increased processing power available, coupled with the development of more sensitive sensors and more sophisticated measurement techniques have together brought many sophisticated computerised products into both industrial and consumer markets. This module aims to give you an in-depth understanding of the basis of instrumentation, advanced signal processing, and the operation of currently used sensors and modern instrumentation techniques and applications. Your understanding of these elements will underpin your ability to appreciate the application of intelligent instrumentation systems in a variety of sectors, including manufacturing industry, instrument production and development, and medical research and practice.
Embedded System Design

Embedded systems are products in which tiny computers are hidden in order to undertake a control function. They appear in a wide variety of forms today, including the car, domestic appliances, stage, office or medical equipment, and industrial machinery. In this module industrially relevant hardware and software design skills are developed, including embedded C programming, and working with a real-time operating system. The wider contexts of embedded devices are explored, for example relating to real ime, low power, or high reliability.

Postgraduate Diploma
You will study these modules:
CPD and Strategic Management

During this module you will develop your managerial skills in preparation for work in a global industry environment. You will study strategic concepts and learn how to transfer them into your own industry or specialism using a structured approach. You will focus on managing the global future by analysis rather than by instinct and become adept at forecasting and financial analysis, while considering siness ethics.
Modern Control System Designs

Modern control system designs are an integral part of modern society. They appear in numerous applications all around us, including aerospace, entertainment, motor vehicle, and office environments. You will analyse advanced control systems using analytical techniques and computer tools. You will be introduced to optimal control of time varying and time invariant systems, solutions to the linear quadratic regulator, optimal filtering, and linear quadratic Gaussian problems. There will be a high dependence on exploring system behaviour using CAD packages.
You will choose one of these modules:

Industrial Electronics

This module is designed to consolidate your postgraduate and industrial knowledge by carrying out practical case studies of a number of small industrial applications. These bring together aspects of electronics, electrical, mechanical, and CAD used in industry. We focus on implementing electrical and electronic principles, sensors, and actuators, with the emphasis on how these elements fit into industrial applications.
Negotiated Technical Module
You will engage with a specific aspect of the technology used within your subject area at masters level. The module includes project management, target-setting, and the practical implementation of your objectives in an industrial context. We will locate relevant issues in an academic context to promote the links between conceptual analysis and industrial practice, making possible an accurate evaluation of the project’s objectives.


You will study this module:

Independent Engineering Scholarship

This module provides you with an opportunity to apply and enhance the knowledge and intellectual skills gained during your programme and develop your specialist skills in an area of your choice. The aim is to develop your ability to work independently, in a chosen topic, using appropriate research and design concepts, and analytical, test, measurement, and evaluation techniques in order to produce a finished artefact or product. You will be challenged to demonstrate a critical understanding of how the boundaries of knowledge are advanced through research in the production of clear, logically argued, and original work related to your field of study.

Salidas profesionales

When you graduate you´ll be competent in the skills and knowledge employers are looking for in many industry sectors, including the motor vehicle, manufacturing, aerospace, and petrochemical industries.
There´s currently a shortage of staff who can understand and apply current technology, and design and produce novel measurement and control systems. So you´ll have lots of opportunities available to you and you´ll be able to move into a responsible job in the sector.

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