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Master Commerce (Extension) - Máster en Comercio (Extensión)

University of New South Wales, Australia
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    UNSW Australia International Centre, East Wing, Red Centre Building
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    2 Años
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    El Master se imparte en Inglés
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    Master Commerce (Extension)


After extensive consultation with internal and external stakeholders, both international and domestic, the revised Master of Commerce (Extension) emphasises industry and practical orientation to assist students in gaining general business knowledge whilst still allowing for specialisation in a wide range of disciplines.

The Master of Commerce (Extension) is designed with flexibility for graduate students who wish to transition from a non-commerce degree into a commerce/business discipline or who wish to transition from one discipline in a prior commerce degree to another.

It provides students with a fundamental grounding in commerce/business; allows students to pursue an in-depth study of their chosen discipline; ensures students are equipped with a breadth and depth of generic and disciplinary knowledge and skills, which can be applied to a range of complex business problems and contexts over time; and allows students to place their disciplinary specialisation in the wider context of commercial activity.


completion of a recognized bachelor degree
meet English requirements.
* Some programs have additional entry requirements, please contact UNSW for this information.


Knowledge: Our graduates will have current disciplinary knowledge applicable in local and global contexts.

Critical thinking and problem solving: Our graduates will have critical thinking and problem solving skills applicable to business and/or management practice or issues.

Communication: Our graduates will be effective communicators in professional contexts.
Teamwork: Our graduates will be effective team participants.

Ethical, social and environmental responsibility: Our graduates will be aware of ethical, social, cultural and environmental implications of business issues and practice.


Two Compulsory Core Courses

•MGMT5050 Teams, Ethics & Comp Adv (6 UOC)

One Data Analysys course depending on the specialisation chosen. See list below:

Find out more about the data analysis courses to determine which one is right for you.

Three Gateway Core Courses:

• Students must choose 1 gateway course related to the specialisation chosen and 2 additional gateway courses for depth and breadth of learning

Six Specialisation Courses:

• Specialisation courses - select 1 from 10 Specialisations offered (see below for more detail).

Four additional courses:

• Courses selected may depend on the chosen specialisation in the Master of Commerce structure
• The courses selected will require the completion of the relevant discipline gateway course.

One Capstone Course:

Students will be required to complete a capstone course dependent on their primary specialisation.

Capstone for Finance/Economics specialisations:

•FINS5568 Capstone Portfolio Mgmt Proces (6 UOC)

Capstone for Marketing, Risk, Information Systems and Management specialisations:

•COMM5010 Strategy,Mktg&Mgt (6 UOC)


There is also the opportunity for high performing student to participate in an MCom Practicum. This would replace the Capstone course. Students will need to apply and satisfy specific criteria for entry.

Specialisations offered:

Accounting Management

Economics and Finance
Business Strategy


Enterprise Systems and Business Design

International Business
Human Resource Management
Organisation and Management Studies


Risk Management

Please note: For detailed information on the courses in the specialisations click on the highlighted links at the bottom of this page.

You can choose the four additional courses in the MCom (Extension program) in the following disciplines to increase depth of learning:
•Business Law
•Entity Planning & Performance
•Information Systems

Alternatively you can increase your knowledge by choosing two courses from the MCom (other gateway courses or specialisation courses) including COMM5008 - Global Workplace Practice and/or MGMT5707 – Social Impact Field Project, or two courses outside of MCom UNSW Business School (with permission).

It is recommended student contacts the UNSW Business School Student Centre for guidance on options available to increase depth of learning.

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