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Master of Clinical Audiology - Máster en Audiología Clínica

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    Master of Clinical Audiology


Audiology is a clinical science involving hearing and balance assessment and rehabilitation. Hearing assessment usually involves the use of a number of specialised tests which help to ascertain the site or type of problem within the auditory system. Audiologists working in this area often work closely with otologists (ear specialists). Aural rehabilitation involves helping people with impaired hearing to cope with their hearing difficulties. This work usually includes fitting hearing aids or other devices such as the cochlear implant (bionic ear), training in the use of these devices and helping people to use their vision and other compensatory mechanisms in order to communicate effectively. This profession should be of interest to those with a scientific background who are interested in working with people.


Applicants for the course must have either a Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Biomedicine, health-related or other relevant undergraduate degree. Successful applicants will be required to undergo a Victorian Police Check and a Working with Children Check. Applicants may also be required to attend an interview.


First Year
AUDI90015 AcousticsThis subject explores the physics of the generation, propagation and measurement of sound.
ANAT90004 Anatomy and Physiology of the Auditory SystemThe anatomy and physiology of the peripheral and central auditory systems and aspects of balance function and speech production.
AUDI90016 Pathologies of the Auditory SystemThe aim of this subject is to prepare the student to understand the basis of diseases that are commonly found in the ear and in particular the reasons for a patient having a hearing and/or balance disorder. The knowledge the students have gained...
AUDI90017 Perception Of Sound & SpeechThis subject covers psychoacoustics, psychophysical measurement, acoustic phonetics, and their relation to audiological practice.
AUDI90023 Hearing Devices and Rehabilitation A
AUDI90021 Clinical Audiology AThis subject introduces students to the audiological evaluation and management of adult patients. In particular, this subject covers history taking; clinical examination including otoscopy; the theory and practice of diagnostic audiological...
AUDI90022 Paediatric Audiology AThis subject introduces students to the normal development of infants and children and the causes and indicators of childhood hearing loss. Students gain clinical experience in the behavioural assessment of the hearing of infants and children.
AUDI90012 Electrophysiological Assessment AThis subject introduces students to the basic concepts of bioengineering and signal processing relevant to electrophysiological measures used in audiology; the measurement and analysis of the auditory brainstem response; the theory and...

Second Year
AUDI90001 Electrophysiological Assessment BThis subject builds on the knowledge obtained in the Electrophysiological Assessment A subject. Students will have the opportunity to examine the principles and practices associated with advanced auditory evoked potential and vestibular...
AUDI90002 Research Methods for Hearing and Speech SciencesThis subject will introduce students to research design in the behavioural sciences and provide the basic statistical tools and concepts for analysing relevant experimental data.
AUDI90007 Clinical Audiology BThis subject introduces students to the audiological evaluation and management of adult patients. In particular, this subject covers history taking; clinical examination including otoscopy; the theory and practice of diagnostic audiological...
AUDI90006 Paediatric Audiology BThis subject builds on the basic paediatric assessment skills gained in Paediatric Audiology A. Students will have the opportunity to learn the principles and practice of audiological assessment of children of all ages. In particular, they will...
AUDI90004 Independent Studies in AudiologyStudents will nominate a research topic from a list provided by the subject co-ordinator. The student will be introduced to ethical considerations, how to complete a literature review and scientific writing styles, methods for the analysis and...
AUDI90005 Cochlear Implants
AUDI90024 Hearing Devices and Rehabilitation BThis subject will build on the foundation knowledge gained in Hearing Devices and Rehabilitation A. Students will learn in greater detail the function of specific hearing aid features and their appropriateness to individuals with hearing...


The course provides comprehensive training in all aspects of clinical audiology along with an introduction to research methods in this field. On completion of this course the students should have:

critical thinking, analytical and problem solving skills
the ability to integrate theory and practice and to apply this in novel situations
an openness to new ideas
planning and time management skills
the ability to communicate their knowledge in both oral and written form
the ability to behave in a professionally appropriate manner

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