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Master in Civil Engineering and Construction Management - Máster en Ingeniería Civil y Gestión de la Construcción

University of Derby
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    Presencial en Derby
  • Precio:
    UK/EU students £580 per module
    International students Full time: £12000
    We have a variety of scholarship and bursaries for EU and Overseas students
  • Comienzo:
    Septiembre 2017
  • Lugar:
    Kedleston road
    Derby DE22 1GB
    Reino Unido
  • Duración:
    1 Año
  • Idioma:
    El Master se imparte en Inglés
  • Titulación:
    MSc Civil Engineering and Construction Management


You´ll develop transferable skills of scholarly writing, research, critical thinking, independent learning, communication, technical and problem solving, enabling you to engage with continued professional development and further advanced study in the disciplines of civil engineering and construction management.
You´ll study modules of keen interest to both civil engineering and construction professionals, including flood risk engineering management, sustainable development, and environmental performance management. The combination of core and optional modules enables you to tailor your studies to address topics important in successfully achieving and maintaining sustainable built environments, whether they are significant property developments or infrastructure projects including highways and railways.


You´ll usually need an undergraduate degree (at least second class) in civil engineering or as equivalent professional qualification.


This course is made up of three stages – Postgraduate Certificate, Postgraduate Diploma, and MSc.
Postgraduate Certificate
You will study these modules:
Research Methods: Application and Evaluation
This module will advise, guide, and develop you in the various elements that constitute the skills required for identifying and applying appropriate research methods and developing an overall research plan. Your learning will include how to identify, evaluate, and apply different research philosophies, research approaches, research strategies, research methods, and methods of data collection and analysis.
Flood Risk Engineering Management
Approaches to limiting disruption and damage from flooding have changed significantly recently. Worldwide, there has been a significant move from a strategy of flood defence to one of flood risk management. This includes the use of flood defences, while recognising that managed flooding is essential to a sustainable flood strategy. You will learn how to critically analyse flood risk assessments and suggest appropriate structural and non-structural methods to reduce the impact of flooding.
Construction Contracts and Dispute Resolution
Law is a commercial tool in achieving economic objectives and it is essential to understand how the law shapes even the structure of the industry and how it facilitates resolution and avoidanceof disputes. The sector’s in-built competitiveness and predisposition to contractual claims present students on this module with the opportunity to examine Contract law and Construction law.
Postgraduate Diploma
You will study these modules:
CPD and Strategic Management
During this module you will develop your managerial skills in preparation for work in a global industry environment. You will study strategic concepts and learn how to transfer them into your own industry or specialism using a structured approach. You will focus on managing the global future by analysis rather than by instinct and become adept at forecasting and financial analysis, while considering business ethics.
Project Planning, Value Engineering and Risk Management
The aim of this module is for students to gain an understanding of the philosophies and techniques involved in construction project planning, risk management, value engineering, and financial management. There are significant risks involved in undertaking construction projects, whether they are financial or operational, and one of the roles of the civil or construction manager is to succeed in removing, reducing, or mitigating such risk.
The nature and size of construction and civil engineering projects vary widely, as do the risks involved, and it is through effective project planning that decisions may be found and actions taken to enable successful project completion.
You will choose one of these modules:
Negotiated Module
This module is usually studied by part time students who are in employment as it allows participants to take practical, work based experience and develop it within an academic context.
Transport and Infrastructure Engineering and Sustainable Design
You will develop a detailed understanding of the management and design of transport infrastructure in the 21st century, using design standards and working with the environment to deliver cost effective, safe and sustainable projects. You will review design practice across a spectrum of transport and infrastructure disciplines including highways, permanent way, and service provision.
Environmental Performance Management for Sustainable Development
This module seeks to understand how, in the context of local and global legislation and pressures, organisations and communities manage their environmental performance with respect to energy and materials consumption, industrial planning, and development to maintain competitiveness or social structure.
Sustainable Construction Methods and Materials
You will critically evaluate the principles, methodologies, and techniques that are involved in the selection and specification of sustainable construction methods and materials. Considering both the energy in use and the embodied energy of materials, one of the important remits of sustainable construction is to reduce the use of fossil-fuel based energy consumption.
You will study this module:
Independent Scholarship
This module will provide you with an opportunity to use and enhance the knowledge and intellectual skills you’ve gained during the course by means of an extensive investigation of a proposed postgraduate study related to the course material.

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