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Master Business Administration - Máster en Administración de Empresas (MBA)

University of New South Wales, Australia
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    UNSW Australia International Centre, East Wing, Red Centre Building
    New South Wales 2052
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    2 Años
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    El Master se imparte en Inglés
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    Master Business Administration


The AGSM MBA concentrates on helping you prepare for general management and executive leadership roles in business and government. It’s about real-world learning that combines traditional classroom teaching with case studies and teamwork to develop management skills, encourage critical thinking and sharpen your decision-making ability. You’ll learn from internationally recognised faculty with industry experience, listen to management insights of current business leaders, and benefit from the knowledge of your fellow students, many of whom have worked for global organisations.

The team-based activities hone negotiation skills and emphasise the importance of working together co-operatively. And, of course, creativity and entrepreneurship are qualities that we are committed to encouraging. But it doesn’t stop there. Your connection with AGSM MBA Programs opens doors in Australia and the Asia Pacific region through our career management service and offers access to a powerful and influential alumni network that will serve you well throughout your career.


completion of a recognized bachelor degree
meet English requirements.
* Some programs have additional entry requirements, please contact UNSW for this information.


On successful completion of the AGSM MBA program, students will have the ability to:

understand and apply concepts related to general management, focusing on the interdisciplinary application of course concepts and frameworks
think critically by identifying assumptions and utilising a range of data gathering and analysis techniques to solve management problems
communicate ideas and information logically and concisely both in writing and oral presentations
demonstrate an understanding of leadership skills and of the challenges of working effectively within a team
demonstrate an awareness of working with diversity and of the relevance of management issues in a global context
demonstrate an understanding of ethical dilemmas of management problems


To qualify for the degree students will be required to complete a program of study as follows:

Normal completion time will be 16 months

Total: 96 units of credit (uoc)

The first stage comprises 9 core courses completed in 2 sessions.
Core Courses – 54 uoc

9 x 6 uoc courses

The first core course is Foundations of Management. This is an intensive 3 week course which provides an overview of the role and skills requirements of a general manager in the workplace. The course aims to provide both knowledge and applicable skills in the areas of team skills; leadership and communication skills and managerial effectiveness. In addition there will a specific focus on business ethics and the role it plays in equipping managers for business success. This is an exciting and important course that will provide the foundation for core learning and development.
MNGT5095 Foundations of Management (6 UOC)
The remaining core courses are:
MNGT5201 Economics (6 UOC)
MNGT5211 Accounting (6 UOC)
MNGT5221 Finance (6 UOC)
MNGT5232 Data Analysis&Decision Making (6 UOC)
MNGT5241 Operations Management (6 UOC)
MNGT5251 Marketing Management (6 UOC)
MNGT5272 Organisational Behaviour (6 UOC)
MNGT5282 Strategy (6 UOC)
Elective Courses – 42uoc

7 x 6uoc elective courses

The second stage, the elective phase, provides an opportunity for students to tailor their MBA. Students are required to complete 7 elective courses over a maximum of 2 sessions and may choose from courses in the following subject disciplines (not all courses will be offered in each year):
Organisational behaviour
Statistics and operations management
General management
MNGT5301 Industry Economics (6 UOC)
MNGT5303 Trade & International Business (6 UOC)
MNGT5304 Macroeconomics for Managers (6 UOC)
MNGT5306 Strat Game Theory for Managers (6 UOC)
MNGT5310 Accounting for Planning & Ctrl (6 UOC)
MNGT5312 Financial Statement Analysis (6 UOC)
MNGT5321 Corporate Finance (6 UOC)
MNGT5322 Venture Capital Finance (6 UOC)
MNGT5325 International Finance (6 UOC)
MNGT5328 Corporate Valuation (6 UOC)
MNGT5331 Stat Model & Forecast Business (6 UOC)
MNGT5341 Supply Chain Modelling (6 UOC)
MNGT5351 International Marketing (6 UOC)
MNGT5355 New Product Development (6 UOC)
MNGT5356 Services Marketing (6 UOC)
MNGT5357 Integrated Marketing Comm (6 UOC)
MNGT5370 Leadership Concepts and Skills (6 UOC)
MNGT5371 Strat Human Resrce Management (6 UOC)
MNGT5374 Managerial Decision Making (6 UOC)
MNGT5379 Org Structure and Change (6 UOC)
MNGT5380 Managing Biotechnology (6 UOC)
MNGT5383 International BusinessStrategy (6 UOC)
MNGT5384 Legal Aspects of Business (6 UOC)
MNGT5388 Negotiations and Strategy (6 UOC)
MNGT5392 Entrepreneurship and Strategy (6 UOC)
MNGT5395 Strategies for Growth (6 UOC)
MNGT5520 Quantitative Bus. Modelling (6 UOC)
MNGT5521 Financial Strategy (6 UOC)
MNGT5523 Spec Topic-Financial Inst Mngt (6 UOC)
MNGT5575 Special Topic-Conflict Managem (6 UOC)
MNGT5582 Spec Topic-Intl Bus Strat Asia (6 UOC)
MNGT5585 Individual Study in Mngt -6uoc (6 UOC)
MNGT5589 Strategic Consulting Projects (6 UOC)

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