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Master Architecture Full Time - Máster en Arquitectura

University of Westminster
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    Presencial en Londres
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    Septiembre 2021
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    115 New Cavendish Street
    Reino Unido
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    1 Año
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    El Master se imparte en Inglés
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    Architecture MA


The Architecture MA provides a course that is wide-ranging and flexible, facilitating alternative modes of study and a range of options, including the choice of either a written or design-based thesis. The programme also allows for specialism through its three designated pathways: Architecture (Cultural Identity and Globalisation); Architecture (Digital Media) and Architecture (History and Theory), or alternatively, you can also create your own pathway, under the heading Architecture MA, by selecting and combining relevant modules that meet your individual requirements.

The range of optional and specialist modules offered allows you to develop your individual learning trajectories through the in-depth study of specific subject areas, involving theoretical components as well as practical applications. A series of theory rich modules will stimulate you to analyse current trends in architecture, design theory and practice on the basis of your research and critical judgement, and use these insights to produce high quality written work in a scholarly manner.

In parallel, a set of design-oriented activities encourages you to develop your artistic, aesthetic and intellectual vision through the use of different media, in order to produce individual proposals with a high level of spatial, material and formal resolution. The course is taught within a dynamic learning environment that comprises seminar-based sessions along with studio-based activities, suitably integrated by a wide range of lectures, tutorials, site visits, research training sessions, and independent study periods.


You are normally required to have a good Honours degree in architecture or a related design discipline. UK-based students will usually need to attend an interview. Overseas students are asked to submit their portfolio in an electronic format. Those whose first language is not English will need an appropriate IELTS score of at least IELTS 6.5 or equivalent.


The course has been designed specifically as a flexible and responsive programme open to a whole spectrum of graduates in architecture and cognate design fields. It is designed to enable you to determine appropriate methodologies for research in architecture and design, and to use these techniques to formulate intellectual and creative work which investigates specific aspects or issues within the broad field of architecture.


Core modules
Research and Positioning
The Research and Positioning module provides a foundation in postgraduate research methods and skills in architecture. It also aims to establish a set of principles and approaches to architectural research, including both conventional research methods and experimental and design-based techniques. The module also explores other forms of research practice drawn from related disciplines.
Thesis Development and Major Thesis Project
The Thesis Development and Thesis modules provide the opportunity to focus on a piece of individual research and in-depth study leading to a written thesis or design-based research project. The thesis is undertaken in the context of thematically led research groups or ´labs´ associated with each of the pathways. Typically thesis projects reflect contemporary issues or, where appropriate, draw upon historical, social or cultural aspects in architecture and spatial design.

Critical Issues in Architecture
Programming and Computational Design
Theories of Identity
Applied Animation
City Cultures: Conceptual Design for Complex Cultural Contexts
Ethnographic Ways of Knowing: Critical and Creative Explorations of Site
Introduction to Design Computing
Picturing London
Site and Motion

Salidas profesionales

The Department of Architecture is consciously international in its educational thinking and academic links, and its graduates are amongst the most sought-after anywhere in the world. The flexibility offered in the course is designed to extend each student’s creative abilities and enhance their employability and performance as design professionals.

Typical employment destinations for Architecture MA graduates include architectural practice but also other design disciplines, media and the arts. Depending on their pathways, graduates have found employment in a multitude of creative industries including computer visualisation, design research and consultancy. In addition, the course may form a platform for continuing study with a career in academia or research.

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