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Master of Architecture (Curtin OUA Postgraduate) - Máster en Arquitectura

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    This course progresses the learning of our Bachelor of Applied Science (Architectural Science) providing a further two years of advanced studies in design project work, architectural history, theory and research, management, law and professional practice. Students are involved in advanced design projects, analysing urban contexts and considering urban design and place making. Students will also develop research knowledge and skills before completing their own individual dissertation in architectural design

    Software Requirements — Students will require access to the following software: Photoshop, AutoCAD and ArchiCAD. Details on accessing AutoCAD and ArchiCAD will be provided in due course at the commencement of relevant units (please note this software is free for student use). The student will be responsible for organising access to Photoshop.


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    Level 4 Units

    Architectural Culture Research Topics 1
    Advanced Applied Architectural Systems
    Architectural Systems Research Topics
    Architectural Culture Research Topics 2
    Urban Design Research Studio (previously MAA403)
    Urban Design Research Methods
    Complex Buildings Research Studio (previously MAA406)
    Complex Buildings Research Methods

    Level 5 Units:

    Architectural Professional Practice 1
    Architectural Thesis Methods and Preparation
    Architectural Professional Practice 2
    Architectural Thesis Project
    Integrated Buildings Research Studio (previously MAA503)
    Integrated Buildings Research Methods


    demonstrate an understanding of the profession of architecture, its theoretical underpinnings and ways of thinking; apply specific discipline knowledge contained within the streams of Architectural Design, Professional Practice and Architectural Culture
    think critically, creatively and reflectively in order to analyse and understand the specific needs of various parties involved in architecture in order to generate and create innovative solutions
    conduct appropriate scholarly and professional research to access and analyse the diverse information needed to make informed, strategic design decisions
    communicate information and ideas to diverse audience through visual, verbal and written communication techniques
    recognise and understand the principles of a range of appropriate technologies and their suitable application within the profession of architecture
    sustain intellectual curiosity that constantly strives, through self-directed learning, for innovation within the profession of architecture
    synthesise a range of local, national and international issues and perspectives which influence the creation and practice of architecture
    understand and value cultural and physical diversity and appreciate its significance in the creation of architecture
    demonstrate a professional and ethical approach in the creation of architecture; work independently and in teams; create knowledge in a scholarly, creative and/or professional context through critical inquiry, research and project development.


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