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Master in Applied Petroleum Geoscience - Máster en Geociencias Aplicadas del Petróleo

University of Derby
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  • Imparte:
  • Modalidad:
    Presencial en Derby
  • Precio:
    UK/EU students £975 per module
    International students Full time: £12000
    We have a variety of scholarship and bursaries for EU and Overseas students
  • Comienzo:
    Septiembre 2017
  • Lugar:
    Kedleston road
    Derby DE22 1GB
    Reino Unido
  • Duración:
    1 Año
  • Idioma:
    El Master se imparte en Inglés
  • Titulación:
    MSc Applied Petroleum Geoscience (incorporating PG Cert/PG Dip)


Comprehensive course
This comprehensive course combines academic and practical teaching to prepare you for, or further, your career in the petroleum industry. Having recently received accreditation from the Geological Society of London, you can be confident that the course is topical, relevant and well regarded across the sector.
Experienced teachers
Our tutors all have extensive experience and will give you a real insight into the oil industry. Teaching takes place in the classroom, laboratory and in the field. You’ll also receive professional training to make sure your communication skills are up to industry standards.
If you’re an international student, you must apply for the full masters course and study it over one year, starting in September. If you’re a UK or EU resident, you can study full-time or have the option of studying the course at three different levels depending on the qualifications and experience you already have.


First or second class undergraduate degree in a geoscience subject.

You´ll normally need one of the following English Language qualifications:
GCE O level English Language Grade C
GCSE English Grade C
Other equivalent English Language qualifications may be accepted and you should provide full details with your application.


This course is made up of three stages – Postgraduate Certificate, Postgraduate Diploma and MSc.
Postgraduate Certificate
You’ll study these modules:
Petroleum Geology
You’ll become familiar with the petroleum industry, elements of the petroleum system, and techniques for investigating the subsurface. You will relate basic sedimentology to reservoir quality in the classroom, lab and field. We’ll support you to refine your presentation skills in oral and written work to meet the rigorous industry standards.
Petroleum Techniques
You’ll develop an understanding of wellsite data and the technical tasks expected on a drilling rig. In addition, you’ll learn about the significance of different wireline log tools for characterising reservoir, drilling, and safety parameters. This module will introduce basic skills for interpreting seismic data on a workstation and cores from wells.
Geological and Commercial Risk
This module focuses on the geological and commercial factors considered during the exploration, appraisal, development and production phases of a hydrocarbon pool. You’ll engage with datasets to identify commercial viability and geological uncertainty during that life cycle, applying those concepts to both conventional and non-conventional hydrocarbons. We’ll also encourage you to focus on additional skills which will help secure your role in the petroleum industry; you’ll engage with career development workshops and mock interviews to put you one step ahead in the sector.
Postgraduate Diploma
You’ll study these modules:
Advanced Petroleum Geology
During this module you’ll investigate reservoir characteristics such as geometry and lateral facies variation affecting porosity and permeability. Studies will cover carbonate and clastic sequences and barriers to flow between potential reservoir units. You’ll also integrate subsurface analogues, field data and well logs to model a reservoir using industry software.
Subsurface Analysis
You’ll study the geophysical and petrophysical properties that describe the occurrence and behaviour of rocks and fluids, including the measurement of field data from wells and seismic surveys and the processing of that data. This background will support the identification of reservoir properties, management of over-pressured reservoirs, and preparation for safe, effective drilling.
Basin Analysis
You will examine basin formation at a variety of scales, integrating both field and subsurface data to develop petroleum play concepts. You’ll consider how basin geometry and sedimentary fill change over time, and learn how to assess the technical and commercial risks associated with hydrocarbon exploitation in various basin types.
You’ll study this module:
Independent Project
During this triple module you’ll carry out a research project focused on integrated topics such as well correlation and reservoir modelling, seismic interpretation, or basin modelling. You will submit a substantial written report that demonstrates your research and professional skills.

Salidas profesionales

We prepare you for entry level jobs in the petroleum industry. Your first position could be in a service company supporting the oil industry in areas such as basic reservoir analysis, mudlogging, data management, data gathering and analysis.
Once you have gained this valuable experience and undertake the further study we offer, you are in a position to take advantage of all that the industry has to offer.

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