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Master of Adolescent Health & Wellbeing - Máster en Salud y Bienestar en la Adolescencia

University of Melbourne
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    Master of Adolescent Health & Wellbeing


Australia’s only postgraduate course in adolescent health is run by online education from the Centre for Adolescent Health.

Accredited through the University of Melbourne, this program offers a Graduate Certificate qualification, a Graduate Diploma and a Master of Adolescent Health and Wellbeing. This program takes students from foundation subjects, through specialisation and finally into research.

Students explore the developmental, psychological, social and environmental issues that have an impact adolescent health. A Master/Graduate Diploma of Adolescent Health and Wellbeing qualification will ensure you are better equipped to deal with and help improve life outcomes for young people, their families and the community.

You will learn about the evidence base for effective programs and practice in the areas where young people live, learn and socialise and in the health-care sector where young people seek support.


1. The Selection Committee will evaluate the applicant´s ability to pursue successfully the course using the following criteria:

an undergraduate degree in a cognate discipline such as Education, Health Science , Social Work or related discipline; or
an undergraduate degree in any discipline, or equivalent, and at least 2 years of documented relevant work experience; or
at least 5 years of documented relevant work experience, including clear evidence of career development, of professional writing, and generally of professional achievement or practice comparable to that expected of undergraduate degree holders in cognate disciplines.
all applicants are required to provide a current curriculum vitae describing their work experience and tertiary and other qualifications, as a supplement to transcripts.
2. The Selection Committee may conduct interviews and may call for referee reports or employer references to elucidate any of the matters referred to above.


Core Subjects
POPH90167 Young People in ContextThis subject introduces and critiques the concepts ‘adolescence´ and ‘health´, and examines various frameworks for understanding the phenomenon of adolescent development. The...
PAED90007 Professional Practice in Context
POPH90172 SocioEnvironmentalContext of AdolescentsThis subject investigates how social determinants and social worlds affect the health and wellbeing of young people and examines social life from historical, global and cultural perspectives. Students will draw on a diversity of theoretical...
POPH90173 Health Promotion and Young PeopleThis subject explores key practices, principles and frameworks for health promotion and community capacity building aimed at enhancing the wellbeing of young people. Participants will be encouraged to develop a more systematic approach to health...
PAED90015 Adolescent Health Minor ThesisThe purpose of this subject is to develop the critical disciplines of research methodology and to arm students with the necessary knowledge and skills to analyse and interpret research that informs our understanding of young peoples health and...
POPH90200 Principles of Social Research DesignThis subject will give students an understanding of the principles underlying social research. The topics covered will be relevant for students interested in social research specifically, and for health research students who want to learn about...

Electives Group 1
Choose 4 subjects (50 credit points) from the following list of electives.

POPH90168 Young People at RiskThis subject begins with an exploration of the concept of ´at risk´ as it applies to young people, and the use and purpose of such a categorisation by relevant services and through policy. The impact of risk and protective...
POPH90171 Drug IssuesThis subject enables students to build a framework for analysing and responding to the complex issues pertaining to young people and drug use. This involves the examination of prevalence rates and current trends in drug use among adolescents in...
PSYC90062 Mental Health and Young People
POPH90087 International Adolescent HealthTo date, international adolescent health has been addressed with the confines of specific issues such as sexual reproductive health or HIV and AIDS. This subject provides a comprehensive picture of emerging health issues for adolescents in...
POPH90169 Adolescent Sexuality and Sexual HealthThis subject explores two main themes: 1. The social construction of sexuality - how our understandings of sexuality are developed in socio-cultural contexts; and 2. Sexual health - how it is defined and measured, what factors contribute to it,...
POPH90170 Adolescent Health Project
PAED90026 Cancer Care in Young PeopleIncreasingly successful treatments and improved survival rates for adolescents and young adults with cancer has lead to the need for better management of the many complex issues arising out the experience of cancer for this group. A better...

Electives Group 2
Choose 4 subjects (50 credit points) from the following list of electives.
POPH90058 Health Program Evaluation 1This subject examines the diverse purposes health program evaluations can serve and the wide range of environments in which health program evaluations are conducted. Using Australian and overseas evaluation examples, students gain an overview of...
POPH90090 Health Program Evaluation 2
EDUC90326 Research Methods in EducationThe subject is divided into two parts, Part A and Part B. In Part A, students undertake a common course of study. In Part B, students select one module of study relevant to their proposed thesis topic under the direction of their supervisor....
POPH90201 Social Sciences Research Methods
POPH90013 BiostatisticsThis subject is compulsory for students enrolled in the Master of Public Health, Master of Epidemiology and the Master of Science (Epidemiology). Students should enrol in this subject early in their program of study.The subject introduces the...
POPH90014 Introduction to EpidemiologyThis subject is a core subject within the Master of Public Health, the Master of Epidemiology and the Master of Science (Epidemiology). Students should enrol in this subject early in their program of study. Epidemiology is the discipline of...


Further develop and apply critically reflective, evidence-informed approaches to adolescent health and welfare practice, program development and policy analysis;
Analyse and critically evaluate contemporary theories of adolescence and adolescent development (including historical and cultural contexts), to enhance own practice in working with young people, families, communities and agencies;
identify national and international adolescent health issues and trends and relate these to the broader socio-environmental contexts impacting on the health and wellbeing of young people;
identify the principles associated with ´micro´ and ´macro´ approaches to practice and use these to develop enhanced prevention and intervention strategies when working with young people, families, communities and agencies;
analyse, evaluate and apply ecological models of resiliency, risk and protection in adolescent health;
engage young people, families and other professionals in the development and implementation of strategies to promote adolescent health and wellbeing;
Demonstrate a commitment to critical enquiry and evidence-based practice so as to maintain currency with contemporary debates and continuously inform practice;
Analyse and reflect on national and international adolescent health issues and trends as they relate to particular communities and professional practice settings;
Further develop and apply principles associated with ´micro´ and ´macro´ approaches to practice in adolescent health and welfare;
Plan, implement and evaluate effective prevention, early intervention and intervention strategies relevant to work with young people.

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