University of New South Wales, Australia

Management - Hong Kong Graduate Diploma - Diploma de Postgrado en Management

University of New South Wales, Australia
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    Presencial en Hong Kong
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    Información no disponible
  • Lugar:
    Hong Kong
  • Duración:
    30 Meses
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    El Curso se imparte en Inglés
  • Titulación:
    Management - Hong Kong Graduate Diploma
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    The two-stage program with the AGSM MBA Hong Kong comprises a Graduate Diploma
    in Management (six core and two elective courses), followed by the MBA stage (eight
    elective courses).
    During the first stage of the program you will undertake six core courses covering
    the foundations of management. You then complete two elective courses to fulfil the
    requirements of the Graduate Diploma in Management (GDM). You may then graduate
    with a GDM or, if you have a weighted average mark of 65 per cent or more, you may
    proceed to the MBA stage.
    To gain your MBA you will successfully complete 16 courses. We offer the flexibility to
    complete your MBA in as few as 2.5 years or as many as 7 years.


    completion of a recognized bachelor degree 
    meet English requirements.
    * Some programs have additional entry requirements, please contact UNSW for this information.


    The Graduate Diploma in Management consists of 8 courses
    (6 core courses and 2 elective courses).

    Please note that all courses will be delivered in Hong Kong.
    MNGT8601 Managers, Markets & Prices (6 UOC)
    MNGT8620 Accounting & Financial Mngt (6 UOC)
    MNGT8621 Corporate Finance (6 UOC)
    MNGT8630 Statistics for Managers (6 UOC)
    MNGT8650 Marketing Principles (6 UOC)
    MNGT8670 Managing People & Organisation (6 UOC)
    MNGT8174 Managerial Skills (6 UOC)
    MNGT8188 Business Process Management (6 UOC)
    MNGT8240 Operations Management (6 UOC)
    MNGT8271 Managing Change (6 UOC)
    MNGT8281 IT &Organisational Performance (6 UOC)
    MNGT8325 International Finance (6 UOC)
    MNGT8341 Supply Chain Modelling (6 UOC)
    MNGT8351 International Marketing (6 UOC)
    MNGT8356 Services Marketing (6 UOC)
    MNGT8359 Product Management (6 UOC)
    MNGT8370 Leadership Concepts and Skills (6 UOC)
    MNGT8371 Strategic Human Resource Mgmt (6 UOC)
    MNGT8382 Innovation and Strategy (6 UOC)
    MNGT8392 Entrepreneurship and Strategy (6 UOC)
    MNGT8395 Strategies for Growth (6 UOC)
    MNGT8482 Corporate Strategy (6 UOC)
    MNGT8521 Financial Strategy (6 UOC)
    MNGT8574 Managerial Decision Making (6 UOC)
    MNGT8582 ST:Intl Bus Strategy in Asia (6 UOC)
    MNGT8583 Reporting for climate change (6 UOC)
    MNGT8712 Negotiation Skills (6 UOC)


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