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International Master of Science in Management - Master Internacional en Management

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  • Imparte:
  • Modalidad:
    Presencial en Lisboa
  • Precio:
    3 semester track: 12.700€
    4 semester track (with optional exchange semester): 14.700€
  • Comienzo:
    Septiembre 2022
  • Lugar:
    Palma de Cima
    Lisboa 1649-023
  • Duración:
    90 ECTS
  • Idioma:
    El Master se imparte en Inglés
  • Titulación:
    International Master of Science in Management


The International MSc in Management is a highly selective program with a strong international scope that offers you a high quality graduate education in Business.

This program offers a balanced perspective on business as well as a choice of majors:

Corporate Finance;
Entrepreneurship & Innovation;
Strategy & Consulting.

The program is designed to provide you with the relevant practical and academic knowledge required for an international career: it combines deep analytical skills with applied learning, project and case based. You will enrich your understanding of global business challenges in the mandatory block of International Management courses.

International MSc in Management students are encouraged to fulfill an international experience during the program. You can opt for a Double Degree or spend a semester abroad at one of the top business schools we partner with.

This program is your launchpad for an international career.


1st cycle degree in Economics, Business/Management


Business or Economics graduates with a high academic standing who seek to strengthen their knowledge in management and prepare for top international careers;
Foreign languages and extracurricular activities are highly valued by the Admissions Jury.


The International MSc in Management prepares students for exceptional international careers. The program complements solid foundations in core management areas with a strong international perspective. Students can select among majors to allow additional learning in an area of choice and also pursue a Double Degree or an International Triangle.


1st Semester | 2nd Semester

General Business Foundation Courses
The foundation courses are designed to consolidate your integrated view of the firm and the business environment. Some courses will be waived, depending on your background.

Major Courses and Electives
Additional courses in your Major are designed to provide advanced skills and prepare you for a career in a specific area of choice: Corporate Finance, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Marketing, or Strategy & Consulting. A range of major courses, both mandatory and elective, allows you to build a differentiated and multi-faceted professional profile to succeed globally. You may consult 2018-2019 Study plan to see the type of innovative and professionally relevant courses we offer each year.

International Courses
The international courses are designed to strengthen your international perspective on management and prepare you to work in diverse, multicultural business environments.

Free Electives
You may take free elective courses outside of your program to complement your area of expertise, or simply explore a topic that interests you.

Leadership Lab
Leadership Lab is designed to help you develop important competencies for managing and working with people and, therefore, for lifelong employability and growth. You can select among 1) career and employment workshops, and 2) personal development workshops.

International Experience Requirement
As this program is specifically designed to prepare students for an international career all students are required to spend part of their program abroad. You can fulfill this requirement through a Double Degree, a semester abroad or an international internship (6 weeks minimum) either during or before starting the MSc program, in a country other than Portugal or your home country. A Double Degree or an exchange adds a 4th semester to the duration of your program.

Professional Internship Requirement
Students are required to complete a professional internship before or during the MSc program.
Language Requirement
By the time of completion of the MSc degree, you must show evidence of proficiency in 3rd language other than English and your native language. You will have a selection of foreign language courses during your program.

3rd Semester
Thesis Project
The Master thesis is the culmination of your master program. This is when you build on the knowledge and skills acquired during the program to develop an individual project on topic that resonates with your career aspirations and helps you excel in an area you find professionally relevant.
The thesis project involves a research methodologies workshop, designed to provide you with advice, resources and useful tools to plan the research for your thesis, and write a dissertation.

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