University of New South Wales, Australia

International Law and Security Graduate Diploma - Diploma de Postgrado en Derecho y Seguridad

University of New South Wales, Australia
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    Presencial en New South Wales
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    Información no disponible
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    UNSW Australia International Centre, East Wing, Red Centre Building
    New South Wales 2052
  • Duración:
    8 Meses
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    El Master se imparte en Inglés
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    International Law and Security Graduate Diploma


completion of a recognized bachelor degree 
meet English requirements.
* Some programs have additional entry requirements, please contact UNSW for this information.


To provide an interdisciplinary study program that meets the developmental requirements of students interested in careers in international law and security and defence/strategic studies;
To impart an advanced level of knowledge and analytical ability in relation to the issues, problems and conduct of international law and security studies and the areas of interaction between the two disciplines;
To provide depth of study and research opportunities in respect of the interrelationship between international law and security studies;
To provide students with a strong theoretical and practical understanding of the international legal system, the global security context, contemporary security and military strategy and legal and moral issues relating to international violence and the use of force.


The GDILS may be taken full-time in two semesters or part-time in a minimum of three semesters. A total of 36 units of credit (uoc) are required for the award of the degree. Fifty percent of the program (18uoc) must be taken from the Security and Strategic Studies (ZHSS) list of courses below and the remaining 18 uoc must be chosen from the International Law (LAWS) courses below.

The LAWS courses in this program are offered only onsite at UNSW Sydney and are not available by distance. All of the courses offered by the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at UNSW@ADFA (Canberra) are available online. Details of the courses available by this mode of learning will be made available at the start of each semester.

This program does not lead to a professional qualification for legal practice.

International Law courses
LAWS8081 Adv. Issues in Internat. Law (6 UOC)
LAWS8082 Peaceful Settle. of Int. Disp. (6 UOC)
LAWS8084 Uncensored History of Int Law (6 UOC)
LAWS8085 International Organisations (6 UOC)
LAWS8086 Law of the Sea (6 UOC)
LAWS8087 IL and Use of Force (6 UOC)
LAWS8102 Proliferation of WMD (6 UOC)
LAWS8107 Adv Issues in Int Human Rights (6 UOC)
LAWS8181 International Human Rights (6 UOC)
LAWS8188 Law of Armed Conflict (6 UOC)
LAWS8190 International Refugee Law (6 UOC)
LAWS8192 Law, Rights & Development (6 UOC)
LAWS8319 Internat Env Law (6 UOC)
LAWS8972 Law World Trade Organization (6 UOC)
LAWS8991 International Criminal Law (6 UOC)
Security and Strategic courses
ZHSS8201 Contemporary Warfare (6 UOC)
ZHSS8204 Mod Naval Hist & Strat (6 UOC)
ZHSS8210 Genocide (6 UOC)
ZHSS8217 Amphibious Warfare (6 UOC)
ZHSS8218 Hegemony: Global Power in Hist (6 UOC)
ZHSS8404 Leg & Mor Prob of Int Violence (6 UOC)
ZHSS8407 Global Governance (6 UOC)
ZHSS8409 Asia-Pacific Security (6 UOC)
ZHSS8410 Australian Defence Policy (6 UOC)
ZHSS8417 Air Power in the 21st Century (6 UOC)
ZHSS8430 China´s Security Policy (6 UOC)
ZHSS8435 Contemporary Strategy (6 UOC)
ZHSS8437 Global Justice (6 UOC)
ZHSS8438 The Justice of War (6 UOC)

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