Structuralia Formación Especializada

International Executive Masters in Construction and Infrastructure Management

Structuralia Formación Especializada
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In recent years, Public Administrations in Northern Europe, America and Asia have invested heavily in the design and construction of new infrastructure. In so doing, they have created advanced road, rail, and suburban rail or "Metro" networks appropriate to the needs and capabilities of each country. This high level of investment in the public sector is expected to continue over the coming years, and there are numerous projects to construct highway and, particularly, railway and suburban railway networks.

However, the current global economic and financial crisis has made it patently obvious that Public-Private Partnership in the development of infrastructure and facilities, and in service management will be a key element of future economic development. Restrictions on the financing available to public administrations are increasingly giving rise to more projects of this type which, with the help of experienced private sector developers, make investment available for infrastructure projects in both developed and developing countries, without straining public finances.

Horas totales de dedicación (aprox.): 1.500
Horas lectivas online: 600


This course is specifically designed for engineers who are interested in developing their international professional careers as Project Directors, Project Managers, Group Managers, or Market Unit Managers.

The course is also of interest to those companies wishing to expand internationally and that need to adapt the skills of their professionals to this exciting and complex challenge. Such companies include engineering consultancies, construction companies, concessionaires and infrastructure operators.


Provide students with the vision, and technical and financial knowledge required to enable them adapt quickly to new business environment in Infrastructure Concessions, Public-Private Partnerships and Infrastructure Management.

Enable participants to effectively manage complex international projects. This will be achieved by providing students with the appropriate knowledge, strategies, and management methods and techniques for these types of projects.

Prepare the student for the PMP® Certification examination.

Instruct participants in the technical and management disciplines necessary for the construction of tunnels and bridges with the specific characteristics needed in this type of infrastructure. Also, to provide the student with an introduction to current excavation and blasting techniques used when constructing linear structures.

Train students in the technical and management disciplines required in the different phases of railway maintenance.


1. Management of Infrastructure Development

FIDIC Contracts. International engineering and construction contracts.
Project Management. PMP.
Risk Management in Large International Projects.

2. Construction Techniques

Project design and the construction of railway infrastructure. (High Speed Railway)
Excavation, blasting and earthmoving.
Bridge building.

3. Inspection and Maintenance of Infrastructure

Inspection and maintenance of bridges and structures.
Inspection and maintenance of tunnels and underground structures.
Maintenance techniques in railways. (High Speed Railway)

4. International Project Management Software (

Primavera Project Planner.

5. Public-Private Partnerships and Infrastructure Concessions

Legal and economic frameworks
The concession system

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