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Icelandic Course. Advanced Special. Oral Expression and Theatre - Curso de Islandés Especial Avanzado. Expresión Oral y Teatro

University Centre of West Fjords - Islandia
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Under the name Icelandic Special we offer two one week courses during August 2017 for advanced learners (CEFR-level B2). The courses are independent entities, each course emphasises special skills, so that participants can freely take either one or both.

The first course, Oral Expression and Theatre, will be taught in the little fishing village of Suðureyri, while the second course will be taught in Ísafjörður. Suðureyri is a lovely little fishing village with an open-air swimming pool for the people and a saltwater lagoon for the cod, a fish factory to be seen and some mountains to be climbed. There is also a restaurant, a bar, and a small shop. There is a variety of options for overnight stays on offer, both in guesthouses and in the hotel. Here you will experience the definitive rural Iceland.


This course zooms into oral skills, listening and speaking.
Teaching hours in all: ca. 24 hours training in language production (speaking, communicating), ca. 20 hourse participation in the theatre festival ActAlone (oral understanding, listening), with preparation and discussion.
Level: CEFR B2
Place: Suðureyri
Time of arrival to Ísafjörður airport: Monday, 07.08.2017, evening flight
Time of departure from Ísafjörður airport: Sunday, 13.08.2017, on the morning flight.
Price: € 350. Included: Teaching and participation in the ActAlone theatre festival according to schedule and description, transport Ísafjörður-Suðureyri-Ísafjörður, course material and 4 x lunches.

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